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Archive for the ‘Video Clips’ Category

Sky Movies Exclusive “Joneses” Clip

It’s only natural to feel like your own family are strangers sometimes.

But in David Duchovny and Demi Moore’s new movie, The Joneses, that’s quite literally the case.

This black comedy-drama centres around a genuinely brilliant premise – a 2.4 children family move into your typical surburban neighbourhood.

They’re all beautiful, charming and always seem to be at the forefront of all the cool new fashions and lifestyle accessories.

The only drawback? They’re all plants; marketers who are subverting the entire suburb into buying their products.

This exclusive clip shows off the chemistry between Duchovny and Moore, as the faux-couple wake up to some home (business) truths.

Click here to watch!

‘Twin Peaks’ Turns 20!

USA Today featured the top 10 Twin Peaks moments, which of course included Agent Cooper’s friend Dennis/Denise Bryson:

See the complete list at Happy Birthday Twin Peaks!

David on The Tonight Show

David was on Leno last night. Here are the clips:

David and Téa on the Red Carpet

David and Téa were at the Golden Globe Awards ceremony together and here is an interview with them by Billy Bush. Sadly, David did not win this year. The award went to Alec Baldwin.

David on Carson Daly Clip and Screen Captures

David Duchovny David Duchovny David Duchovny David Duchovny

David on Late Late Show Media

Screen caps coming shortly!

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