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Analyse This: David Duchovny

Cult sci-fi show The X Files has been off the air for six years, but David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are back as FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully investigating another paranormal case in the new film The X Files: I Want To Believe.

Duchovny, 47, is married to actress Tea Leoni and they have two children.

Here he answers questions about his career and the significance of the series.


Fame for me at this point is something I can’t make go away; I just don’t want it to be infamy. I love what I do, I get paid well, I’m happy with my life and am very grateful, but I don’t do it for the fame. I understand fame, I accept it and I get it, but as an introvert it makes me uncomfortable. But you know, poor pitiful me – whatever – it’s just tough!



Duchovny/Leoni Moving to New York

David Duchovny and wife actress Téa Leoni are moving to New York. They’ve listed their 6,578-square-foot Malibu ocean-view home for $12 million and expect to be settled back East before their children return to school in the fall.

Leoni has been itching to move back East for some time now, and the Malibu fires — their home was not damaged but was in the mandatory evacuation zone — tipped the scales for her, sources say. The two-story house being sold has two swimming pools — one a regulation lap pool. There are five bedrooms, four bathrooms and a separate gym. The 5 1/2 -acre property includes membership in the La Costa Beach Club. There is a two-room guesthouse over a three-car garage. The house was built in 1996.

The property sits two doors from one bought earlier this year by country singer Kenny Chesney. He paid $7.4 million and then put the house back on the market at $7.95 million about six weeks later. It remains unsold.

David Duchovny’s Romantic Gesture

In Trust the Man, David Duchovny, 46, plays a stay-at-home dad in a troubled marriage with Julianne Moore. In real life the actor, married to actress Tea Leoni since 1997, is a little more adept at dealing with romance, kids and die-hard X-Files fans.

What’s the secret to a good marriage? Ask for what you want – even though you may risk being too needy or demanding. But to expect the other person to be a mind reader never works.


Oh, David!

David Duchovny mulls over why he likes waking up with a woman: “My favorite moment is staying in bed and watching her walk naked to the bathroom,” he says. “I mean my wife!”

Of course, he’s talking about Tea Leoni, and together they are one of Hollywood’s sexiest couples. Just being away from Leoni for a few days to talk about his new film “Trust the Man” in New York City gives Duchovny a serious case of homesickness.


David Duchovny: ‘Trust’ worthy

NEW YORK – David Duchovny is best known for starring in the classic ’90s TV series “The X-Files.” But he also enjoys a reputation as someone who is not afraid to be off-color on-screen.

Indeed, his risque appearances on “Sex and the City” and especially “The Larry Sanders Show” (where he played himself as a comic, primping sexual predator) raised some eyebrows. He notes that he gets those roles because “I can play them. Other actors are uncomfortable playing that kind of truth.”

Still, he acknowledges that the sexy scenes he shares with co-star Julianne Moore in the new film “Trust the Man” were a little awkward – not least because they were written and directed by Moore’s husband, Bart Freundlich.


Duchovny’s still X-rated

David Duchovny’s withered smile tells you he’d rather be abducted by aliens than answer questions about The X-Files.

Not that it stops anyone — certainly not the roundtable of journalists he’s facing this day — from asking.

Or, to Duchovny’s credit, from gamely updating X-philes on the long-gestating sequel to the 1998 film based on the phenomenally popular paranormal TV drama. (more…)

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