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NBC reveals scaled back Golden Globes broadcast

After trying for weeks to salvage the high-luster Golden Globe Awards
ceremony, the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. is set to announce today
that it will forgo the annually televised black-tie event scheduled for
Sunday in favor of a scaled-down press conference broadcast on NBC.

The compromise would allow the winners to receive their awards but
would cut out the lavish dinner and ceremony, an event the Writers
Guild of America had vowed to picket.

The extended press conference would be covered by NBC News, which,
though part of NBC Universal, is not a division affected by the ongoing
writers strike.

The 9 p.m. press conference would be preceded by a “Dateline” special
on the nominees and a clip show and would be followed by an hour-long
“Access Hollywood-style” program covering the Golden Globes parties
around town, according to what NBC has told the studios.

According to an email sent to the movie studios by NBC on Monday, the Golden Globes broadcast would proceed as follows:

At 7pm NBC will air Dateline with clips and interviews with nominees.
(Currently scheduled to air for two hours on Saturday night.)

At 8pm, NBC is in talks with Dick Clark Enterprises for a one-hour retrospective/clip show.

At 9pm there will be a press conference covered by NBC News announcing the Golden Globe winners. (9pm-10pm)

At 10pm NBC will broadcast an “Access Hollywood” style, Golden Globes party show… visiting the various parties in Hollywood.


Duchovny Returning to TV

David Duchovny to star in Showtime series
The actor, whose last regular TV gig was The X-Files, will be the lead in the cable net’s new comedy, which is expected to debut this summer (paired with new episodes of Weeds).
Duchovny’s character, divorced writer Hank Moody, is addicted to Australian women
and has complicated relationships with online casino two ladies he loves casino: his
16-year-old daughter and his ex-girlfriend (Natascha McElhone).

David Directing an Episode of Bones

Bones David directed an episode of the Fox TV series Bones that will air in 2 weeks on Wednesday, December 13 called Judas on a Pole:

Booth and Brennan learn that a dead FBI agent was working on a case of corrupt members of a bank robbery task force that decided to frame civil rights activity Bobby Page in the 70s. They ask that the agent’s remains be recovered from his grave as they believe the Bobby Page case was manufactured. Is Booth ready to deal with the consequences of him investigating the death of a former FBI agent? Russ, Brennan’s brother, introduced to her and Booth Father Toby Coulter (played by Ryan O’Neil). The latter claims he has been given a message for her by her father: “Back off.” Zack has to defend a dissertation he wrote in front of a judgmental professor and his colleague. You can download the zipped MPEG trailer here. (30 Mb.)

I actually watch this show on a regular basis and enjoy it very much. If you’d like to play catch-up in the next 2 weeks, you can download episodes for free from Fox’s My Space. There’s even a Mulder and Scully reference in the pilot!

Some nice Bones sites:

At this point I have no idea if David will do any promoting for this episode, so if you have any news, please write me at and I will post it here.

David Duchovny: ‘Trust’ worthy

NEW YORK – David Duchovny is best known for starring in the classic ’90s TV series “The X-Files.” But he also enjoys a reputation as someone who is not afraid to be off-color on-screen.

Indeed, his risque appearances on “Sex and the City” and especially “The Larry Sanders Show” (where he played himself as a comic, primping sexual predator) raised some eyebrows. He notes that he gets those roles because “I can play them. Other actors are uncomfortable playing that kind of truth.”

Still, he acknowledges that the sexy scenes he shares with co-star Julianne Moore in the new film “Trust the Man” were a little awkward – not least because they were written and directed by Moore’s husband, Bart Freundlich.


Love ‘n’ Duchovny

The actor warms to movie romance for his friend, director Bart Freundlich

Actor David Duchovny’s new movie, “Trust the Man,” opening Friday, revolves around friendship, so it’s appropriate that he and writer-director Bart Freundlich were practically set up on a sort-of “date” years ago by mutual pals who said they would get along.

“Our first date was actually playing basketball at Collegiate School,” jokes Freundlich about Duchovny, when the two are interviewed separately. “We went back and played with David’s old high school coach against the team at Collegiate [the Upper West Side prep school Duchovny attended]. David and I went and we brought a couple of friends. We were huffing and puffing after a while. I think we won. We used our smarts.”


Duchovny ready to play Mulder, not Hulk

Actor David Duchovny said in New York he would like to star in another film based on his Fox TV sci-fi/mystery TV series, “The X-Files.”?

Created by Chris Carter and co-starring Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, the show originally ran from 1993 through 2002 and spawned a 1998 film version, called “The X-Files.”?

Asked if a sequel is in the works, Duchovny said, “It’s always on the horizon.”

“I’m still very much in touch with Chris Carter, Gillian. Both Gillian and I are positive about it. It’s not like we’re running from it,” he said. “There are some legal things that need to be resolved over at Fox.”

Although no script has been written yet for a sequel, “There is an idea,” Duchovny said.

The star of the new big-screen comedy, “Trust the Man,” denied, however, reports he is planning to take over the role of Bruce Banner from actor Eric Bana in an upcoming sequel to the 2003 film, “Hulk.”

“No,” Duchovny said. “I don’t know where that came from.”

Source: Washington Times

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