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Roger Ebert: “2 Thumbs Up!”

The film critic I trust the most movie-going dollars? Mr. Roger Ebert. And this is what he has to say about The X-Files: I Want to Believe:

By Roger Ebert

“The X-Files: I Want to Believe” arrives billed as a “stand-alone” film that requires no familiarity with the famous television series. So it is, leaving us to piece together the plot on our own. And when I say “piece together,” trust me, that’s exactly what I mean. In an early scene, a human arm turns up, missing its body, and other spare parts are later discovered.

The arm is found in a virtuoso scene showing dozens of FBI agents lined up and marching across a field of frozen snow. They are led by a white-haired, entranced old man who suddenly drops to his knees and cries out that this is the place! And it is.

Now allow me to jump ahead and drag in the former agents Mulder and Scully. Mulder (David Duchovny) has left the FBI under a cloud because of his belief in the paranormal. Scully (Gillian Armstrong) is a top-level surgeon, recruited to bring Mulder in from the cold, all his sins forgiven, to help on an urgent case. An agent is missing, and the white-haired man, we learn, is Father Joe (Billy Connolly), a convicted pedophile, who is said to be a psychic.


New Photos

I’m working on getting caught up on David photos. Thanks to Bliss for her uploads! Here is what is new:

The TV Set Reviews

Visit to read reviews of The TV Set.

The TV Set Trailer

Visit Yahoo! to watch The TV Set trailer and to watch some clips from the movie.

The TV Set Synopsis

Visit the Official Website.

In THE TV SET, writer/director Jake Kasdan uses his first-hand knowledge of the world of network television to craft a wily comedy about the making of a TV pilot. A story of art, commerce, and compromise, THE TV SET lays bare the people and the process that give us the shows we see every night.

Writer Mike Klein (David Duchovny) has just sold his pilot script “The Wexler Chronicles,” a character-driven dramedy inspired by his real-life struggle to cope with his brother’s suicide. Almost immediately, he discovers that realizing his vision will be an uphill battle. In the world of network television, a small handful of powerful, highly competitive executives determine America’s viewing choices. Lenny (Sigourney Weaver) is the brash, headstrong president of PDN (whose most trusted advisor is her 14-year-old daughter), and who must approve all of Mike’s creative decisions. Richard (Ioan Gruffudd), Mike’s one true ally at the network, was recently hired from the BBC to add a touch of class. But he is caught between his instinct to support Mike and his obligation to produce shows that will fit onto Lenny’s fall schedule.


Oh, David!

David Duchovny mulls over why he likes waking up with a woman: “My favorite moment is staying in bed and watching her walk naked to the bathroom,” he says. “I mean my wife!”

Of course, he’s talking about Tea Leoni, and together they are one of Hollywood’s sexiest couples. Just being away from Leoni for a few days to talk about his new film “Trust the Man” in New York City gives Duchovny a serious case of homesickness.


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