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David & Demi Keep Up with ‘The Joneses’ Premiere

The premiere of the new film, The Joneses, in Hollywood on Thursday really cracked Demi Moore up! Demi’s co-star David Duchovny was able to keep a big smile on her face. Her husband Ashton Kutcher and daughter Rumer Willis also kept Demi in good spirits while keeping her company on the carpet!

While at the premiere, David was having Demi Tweet for him!

“She did get me into Twitter,” David told reporters of working with Demi. “I only Twittered when I was with Demi. I just told her to tell them I am here.”

David and Demi’s film is about what appears to be a perfect family living the American Dream in a suburban neighborhood, but aren’t as they seem to be to their neighbors.

“It was so original,” David told reporters of what drew him to the story. “I had kind of given up on doing something as original as that and it’s such a clever premise.”

“You just hope that they are entertained and that it’s funny and moving,” he explained of what he hopes people take away from the film. “You always wonder how they will respond.”

So, what’s David’s American Dream?

“I have it,” he said. “I have been very lucky with a wonderful family.”

And he’s looking forward to spending summer vacation with them!

“They are going to come out soon when school is over because they live in New York,” David explained to OK!. ” So when school is over they’ll come have summer in L.A. with me!”

Source: OK Magazine

The Joneses Premiere Red Carpet Video

David Duchovny on ESPN PodCenter

Bill Simmons and actor David Duchovny discuss his acting career, celebrity pickup basketball games, the possibility of LeBron James going to the Knicks and more. (And he talks about dancing with the Harlen Globe Trotters) Click here to listen!

Fun things I never knew: David screen tested for Full House and Thelma and Louise (Brad Pitt’s part).

Sky Movies Exclusive “Joneses” Clip

It’s only natural to feel like your own family are strangers sometimes.

But in David Duchovny and Demi Moore’s new movie, The Joneses, that’s quite literally the case.

This black comedy-drama centres around a genuinely brilliant premise – a 2.4 children family move into your typical surburban neighbourhood.

They’re all beautiful, charming and always seem to be at the forefront of all the cool new fashions and lifestyle accessories.

The only drawback? They’re all plants; marketers who are subverting the entire suburb into buying their products.

This exclusive clip shows off the chemistry between Duchovny and Moore, as the faux-couple wake up to some home (business) truths.

Click here to watch!

The Joneses Official Website

Lots of official The Joneses goodies: Head over to The Joneses official website to view photos and watch the trailer, join The Joneses Facebook page and/or follow The Joneses on Twitter.

Buy Buy Love, Buy Buy Happiness in The Joneses

FROM VANITY FAIR: As you read this, you’ve probably learned to tune out any advertisements along the perimeter of your computer screen. So many of us are inundated by advertising nearly everywhere we go these days that we’ve become fairly adept at recognizing it, and deciding in the blink of an eye what’s important and what we can ignore. If we took every word and image offered to us at face value and assigned it equal importance we might go crazy, and surely and quickly go broke. Marketers are aware of our growing ability to tune out though, and as we become more adept at doing so, they become more adept at finding ways to subvert our “Ad-dar.”

First-time director Derrick Borte toys with these ideas in his upcoming film The Joneses (April 16). Into the tony suburbs moves a family of beautiful people, the Joneses (David Duchovny and Demi Moore as Mr. and Mrs. Jones, accompanied by Ben Hollingsworth and Amber Heard as their teenage son and daughter). Fun to look at, fun to be around, the Jones family is a well-oiled machine of self-possession—and actual possession. They quickly befriend the neighbors, and send a ripple that reaches the more moneyed fringes of the community. It’s contagious. People are drawn to them, and to the seemingly endless river of fantastic material goods that flows freely through their hands, house, and yard. It isn’t long before the inevitable happens, and everyone is literally doing their best to keep up with the Joneses.


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