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DuchovnyNet is a fan run website and is not affiliated with Mr. Duchovny in any way. "The X-Files" TM and © (or copyright) Fox and its related entities.

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The X-files Game
Title: The X-Files Game (CDROM)
Author: Radical Entertainment
Price: $19.99
Description: "Graphically, The X-Files Game is fantastic. All events are presented in crisp, colorful, television-like full-motion video that looks incredible on any Microsoft Windows 95/98 compatible video card. Sound and music are also topnotch; the show's familiar theme song resonates throughout the adventure. " --Doug Radcliffe Click here to view the opening teaser to the game!
X-Files Wall Clock: Mulder and Scully
Title: X-Files Wall Clock: Mulder and Scully
Price: $30.36
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