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From Kevin on Spoilerville, 12 May 1998

Saturday Night Live Dress Rehearsal

I went to Saturday Night Live this weekend and just thought I would post a couple of interesting things.

I was able to go to the dress rehearsal for SNL, and the interesting part about that is they do a 2 hour show instead of 90 minutes, then...based on audience reaction, they cut out a half an hour of sketches before the show goes on the air.

David Duchovny did several more sketches in the version I saw than what actually ended up airing, there is a brief rundown of what was cut below....

  1. The opening sketch was originally centered around the season finale of SEINFELD being interrupted by a news report with Kenneth Starr but David wasn't in this sketch...the X-Files sketch was originally the first sketch in the program after the monologue and fake commercial, when the show was on live, they cut the SEINFELD sketch and made the X-Files the opener.
  2. They did a sketch with the character Cheri Oteri plays who is a hypochondriac that gets a ton of prescriptions in the pharmacy, with Duchovny playing the pharmacist, this didn't end up in the final show..but we saw it at dress rehearsal.
  3. In the sketch where Duchovny was obsessed with 'Mango' the male dancer, he called the girl in the living room on a date with him "Tea" at dress rehearsal, but not when the show was on at 11:30.
  4. There was a sketch with Ana Gasteyer playing an aerobics instructor and Duchovny played a weird sketchy guy who was the only person who showed up for her class. He would just stand there while she started exercising, and then lit a cigarette before she asked him to leave. He offered her money to do exercises where she would bend over and she got angry, so he said he would work out if he could use his own tape, then they put in his tape and he layed down on the floor and started wiggling around. Our reaction was this sketch was just really strange so we weren't surprised it didn't make it on the air.
  5. There was a sketch with Darryl Hammond playing Gene Shalit hosting a movie program with David Duchovny as his guest. David was on to talk about the X- Files movie, but instead Shalit would keep talking about himself and how Duchovny was so good looking, had nice hair etc. and how his own hair was awful and he hadn't had sex in 18 years and stuff like that. Eventually, after Shalit had kept putting himself down, Duchovny just left in frustration and Shalit sang a song then broke down and cried.
  6. They also did a talk show called Bernard Jones that was like Jerry Springer except the host would beat up the guests, Matthew Broderick showed up and played one of the guests on the show so we were surprised they cut it!!

For all you 'Krycek' fans, Nic Lea was behind me for the entire program, I was on the third row on the floor. He was also beside me when we were getting into the show, and we passed him on the street later that night in NY twice.

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