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‘Twin Peaks’ Turns 20!

USA Today featured the top 10 Twin Peaks moments, which of course included Agent Cooper’s friend Dennis/Denise Bryson:

See the complete list at Happy Birthday Twin Peaks!

Twice the Californication

FROM TODAYONLINE: DAVID Duchovny is mildly shocked that there will be so much rampant Californication going on in family-friendly Singapore. Starting tonight, we get to enjoy a double dose of his famously naughty Emmy- and Golden Globe-winning show.

Fans will be eager to herald the return of Californication’s latest season to FX and to discover more of the challenges that face disillusioned writer Hank Moody, who is constantly just out of reach of the woman he loves, and hopes constantly that one more bottle of beer and one more one-night-stand really couldn’t make things any worse.

This season, Hank becomes a teacher at a college, which means he’s surrounded by impressionable young girls eager to score an “A” for effort.

“Wait a minute,” you’re thinking. “A show about sex, drugs and alcohol on free-to-air TV?” Don’t worry, we’re sure the censors have gone snippety-snip accordingly. Besides, Duchovny himself is eager to play down the racy aspects of the show, calling it “good clean fun”.

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Buy Buy Love, Buy Buy Happiness in The Joneses

FROM VANITY FAIR: As you read this, you’ve probably learned to tune out any advertisements along the perimeter of your computer screen. So many of us are inundated by advertising nearly everywhere we go these days that we’ve become fairly adept at recognizing it, and deciding in the blink of an eye what’s important and what we can ignore. If we took every word and image offered to us at face value and assigned it equal importance we might go crazy, and surely and quickly go broke. Marketers are aware of our growing ability to tune out though, and as we become more adept at doing so, they become more adept at finding ways to subvert our “Ad-dar.”

First-time director Derrick Borte toys with these ideas in his upcoming film The Joneses (April 16). Into the tony suburbs moves a family of beautiful people, the Joneses (David Duchovny and Demi Moore as Mr. and Mrs. Jones, accompanied by Ben Hollingsworth and Amber Heard as their teenage son and daughter). Fun to look at, fun to be around, the Jones family is a well-oiled machine of self-possession—and actual possession. They quickly befriend the neighbors, and send a ripple that reaches the more moneyed fringes of the community. It’s contagious. People are drawn to them, and to the seemingly endless river of fantastic material goods that flows freely through their hands, house, and yard. It isn’t long before the inevitable happens, and everyone is literally doing their best to keep up with the Joneses.

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Reviews in Brief: The Joneses

The 411: Writer and Director Derrick Borte brings us a family movie with a twist starring Demi Moore and David Duchovny. They all seem like a pretty normal all-American family, with their kids played by Amber Heard and American newcomer Ben Hollingsworth. But looks can be deceiving and they all have a few tricks up their sleeves that will help them in their mission but also destroy one of them.

The Good: This is one of the most original movies that I have ever had the pleasure to watch! It’s an original idea with a normal setup where you fall for the main character. It also added something that I personally have never experienced in a movie before. That would be to feel — for real — for the secondary characters. Then, hidden in this non-family film, comes a plot point that wasn’t expected but will surprise a few people.

The Bad: It’s a movie that doesn’t hide trying to be an advertisement for products, such as Audi cars, as you see their logo on the cars that the family drives as well as those of other characters later on in the movie. I really didn’t see the point in Amber Heard’s topless scene. I saw it as just a way to see her nude.

The Last Word: This has the most original plot and story of any movie right now and it is a breath of fresh air to see something new.

Theater, DVD, or Cable: I would recommend that you see the matinee screening.


DVR Alerts

David is making the rounds promoting The Joneses and he will be on The Ellen Degeneres Show and Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday, April 15.

David on The Tonight Show

David was on Leno last night. Here are the clips:

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