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Duchovny ready to play Mulder, not Hulk

Actor David Duchovny said in New York he would like to star in another film based on his Fox TV sci-fi/mystery TV series, “The X-Files.”?

Created by Chris Carter and co-starring Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, the show originally ran from 1993 through 2002 and spawned a 1998 film version, called “The X-Files.”?

Asked if a sequel is in the works, Duchovny said, “It’s always on the horizon.”

“I’m still very much in touch with Chris Carter, Gillian. Both Gillian and I are positive about it. It’s not like we’re running from it,” he said. “There are some legal things that need to be resolved over at Fox.”

Although no script has been written yet for a sequel, “There is an idea,” Duchovny said.

The star of the new big-screen comedy, “Trust the Man,” denied, however, reports he is planning to take over the role of Bruce Banner from actor Eric Bana in an upcoming sequel to the 2003 film, “Hulk.”

“No,” Duchovny said. “I don’t know where that came from.”

Source: Washington Times

New Video Clips

Two new video clips have been added. David and Tea on Entertainment Tonight at the Trust the Man Premiere and HBO First Look: Trust the Man.

More Trust the Man Reviews

Be sure to visit over the next few weeks to read reviews for Trust the Man.

Cross your fingers for a “FRESH” rating!

Trust the Man Review

In his first two features, 1997’s “The Myth of Fingerprints” and 2001’s “World Traveler,” writer/director Bart Freundlich showed a restless intelligence in examining the frustrations of people unable to stay content with their choices in life. What he didn’t reveal was a dynamic, energetic filmmaking style to match those deeper personal issues he was exploring. His new film is also marred by the same flat and visually uninspired direction of his previous movies, only this time, the script and the cast compensate considerably. “Trust the Man” is a wonderfully buoyant and engaging ensemble comedy about the frustrations brought on by love and marriage.

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Duchovny, Crudup Put Risque Spin On Their New “Trust”

David Duchovny does know how to turn a phrase. While chatting with this column in New York Sunday, the former ”X-Files” star said his new film, ”Trust the Man” (opening Aug. 18) doesn’t really confirm that ”Men are from Mars, women are from Venus.”

With co-star Billy Crudup laughing next to him, Duchovny quipped, ”We like to say this film proves ‘Women are from Mars, men have a penis’ ” — stressing that old adage about men tending to think with their, well … you know.

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David Duchovny has hinted that an X-Files revival could be on the cards with a second film following the exploits of agents Mulder and Scully.

No new movie has yet been scheduled for production, but the star said he thought the format was so good it could become a longer-running franchise.

Asked at the New York premiere of his new romantic comedy Trust The Man whether there will be a sequel to the 1998 big-screen version of The X-Files, Duchovny replied: “Yes, we’re all signed on.”

He added: “I think it could work very well as a sequel, an authentic franchise that will hold up – much more so than Mission: Impossible.”

Source: AP

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