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David is a Strict Dad

HE’S the perfect dad in his new movie – but X Files star David Duchovny had to beat his personal demons to win back his own happy marriage.

The X Files star shocked fans when he announced he was going into rehab to fight his sex addiction. And many predicted his marriage was at an end.

Before he wed actress Tea Leoni in 1997, the TV star was linked to a string of women, including his X Files co-star Gillian Anderson.

But his marriage to Tea seemed a meeting of minds, as well as good looks. David went to prestigious Yale University until he abandoned his PhD for acting.

He was introduced to brainbox Tea over the phone by their agent, and the two started dating.

“She sent me a song by Ween called P*** Up A Rope,” he said. “She sang it to me over the phone. It’s really a funny song and the lyrics are really beautiful.”

It probably doesn’t get played on the radio much, but the song seemed to work its magic. The couple wed just nine weeks later and have two children: Madelaine West, 10, and Kyd Miller, seven, who are called by their middle names.

But less than two years ago, David stunned friends and fans when he announced he was going into rehab and it was discovered than the couple had been separated for months. The 12-year marriage between David, 49, and Tea 43, appeared to be over and out.

But love and kids brought them back together. Tea visited David during his rehab and gradually the couple started to be seen in public again.

Last year, they celebrated their healed marriage with a quality time holiday, packing their children into a minivan and touring the USA.

“It was a lot of fun. We were cooped-up with the kids in a big bus and we got to know one another very, very well,” said the star. “Eleven days was the exact right amount of time and I’d never seen the Grand Canyon. I’d never seen Niagara Falls. Maybe one day my children will look back on it and love it.”

David regards his marital problems as a private matter.

But it’s ironic that in his TV show Californication he also plays a dad who struggled with women and commitment.

No wonder fans have wondered if David feels that sexy dad Hank Moody crossed the line between fiction and reality.

David says that’s not the case. “The things that I do on the show have never had anything to do with my personal life,” he said. “There has never been any kind of parallel.”
Unlike other, more prickly, stars, David understands the interest from fans in his private life.

“I try to be grateful for the interest – and sometimes I try to think of it as people actually caring,” said the down-to-earth star. “The problem comes for people around me that didn’t ask for that scrutiny. My wife is an actress, so she’s aware, but for the kids, it becomes sticky.

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Duchovny on squeezing movies in around Californication

From The Orlando Sentinel: I talked with David Duchovny about his new movie, The Joneses, and focused on his relationship to the film’s satiric warning about the dangers of marketing and a consumerist lifestyle for the print version of that story.

But that didn’t leave room for him talking about his zeitgeist-tackling cable series, Californication, or his future plans or what car one should drive to Be Like Dave. So that part of our talk is below.

“I am so (s%^$$&) at the zeitgeist,” Duchovny says. “I didn’t see The X-Files coming. I didn’t Californication catching on.

“I thought a couple of movies I’d done were going to be huge hits and they weren’t. I’m really bad at that. I consider myself a smart guy, and yet I have no clue if something I’m doing is going to catch on.

“I realized, at some point, that there is no repeating of that X-Files thing. It’s luck. It’s Avatar, the planets aligning. I’m not going to try and top that.

“When I got off the show, I was thinking, ‘How am I going to top it?’ Then I realized that wasn’t going to happen.I said ‘No more TV’ Fine. But cable started doing these great niche shows – Sex and the City, The Sopranos – that were giving you more creative freedom than you get on broadcast TV or the movies.

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David Duchovny weighs in on the next season of ‘Californication’ and beyond

At a press conference in Los Angeles for his new independent film, The Joneses, David Duchovny just couldn’t duck Californication questions from pesky television reporters who wanted to know just where Hank Moody could go next season, as well as how long Duchovny would consider keeping the character alive.

“Last year was a descent. We went as far down as we could and still keep it a comedy,” Duchovny shared with a chuckle in his voice. “And we’re not trying to make this a drama, so this year will be about rising up.” It would pretty much have to, we guess!

The actor, who currently lives in New York with his family, only comes out here to Los Angeles only periodically to shoot. “It’s not the X-Files ten month long shoot,” Duchovny explained. “It’s almost like a vacation!” Therefore, he enjoys shooting Californication more than some of the other projects in his past.

That being said, then, just how long does Duchovny think– or want the show to keep going? After all, the show that truly put him on the map– the aforementioned X-Files– lasted for nearly a decade. “It will get canceled before I get tired of it,” he smiled into the sea of reporters.

But realistically? He thinks the show, which has completed three seasons can easily go to six or seven, keeping Hank Moody– and Duchovny himself– in our homes for years to come.

David Duchovny and Demi Moore Interview THE JONESES

From In the new film The Joneses, Steve (David Duchovny) and Kate Jones (Demi Moore), along with their two teenage children, move into an upscale community with the best goods, clothing and cars that anyone in the neighborhood has ever seen. The thing is, they’re not actually a family. They are employees of a stealth marketing organization who are in competition with each other to raise their sales while making everyone else want what they’ve got.

During a press conference to promote The Joneses, co-stars David Duchovny and Demi Moore talked about consumerism and how you have to keep a perspective on what’s valuable and important in life, rather than on material things. Check out what they had to say after the jump:

Question: What influences what you buy?

David: I like to see what Demi is wearing. No. I think we’re all affected and influenced by what we see. Growing up, I probably wanted to look like that basketball player, Walt Frazier, so I dressed like a pimp from the ’70s, and that’s back in style now, which is good. I think we all choose our style from the ether and whatever is out there.

Demi: There’s nothing wrong with having a desire to want nice things. It’s when we place that as a measure of the value of ourselves that it goes askew. Or, in the case of the film, it goes to the point of leveraging your entire life.

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David on Bonnie Hunt 4/16

David is scheduled to be on The Bonnie Hunt Show on Friday, April 16.

David & Demi Keep Up with ‘The Joneses’ Premiere

The premiere of the new film, The Joneses, in Hollywood on Thursday really cracked Demi Moore up! Demi’s co-star David Duchovny was able to keep a big smile on her face. Her husband Ashton Kutcher and daughter Rumer Willis also kept Demi in good spirits while keeping her company on the carpet!

While at the premiere, David was having Demi Tweet for him!

“She did get me into Twitter,” David told reporters of working with Demi. “I only Twittered when I was with Demi. I just told her to tell them I am here.”

David and Demi’s film is about what appears to be a perfect family living the American Dream in a suburban neighborhood, but aren’t as they seem to be to their neighbors.

“It was so original,” David told reporters of what drew him to the story. “I had kind of given up on doing something as original as that and it’s such a clever premise.”

“You just hope that they are entertained and that it’s funny and moving,” he explained of what he hopes people take away from the film. “You always wonder how they will respond.”

So, what’s David’s American Dream?

“I have it,” he said. “I have been very lucky with a wonderful family.”

And he’s looking forward to spending summer vacation with them!

“They are going to come out soon when school is over because they live in New York,” David explained to OK!. ” So when school is over they’ll come have summer in L.A. with me!”

Source: OK Magazine

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