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Thursday, December 4, 20032003 Unicef Gala

50 Years of Helping UNICEF Help Children
Téa and David attended the UNICEF Goodwill Gala: 50 Years of Celebrity Advocacy last night and you can view some photos of them over at Leoni Online.

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Whoopi Goldberg hosted the gala and Halle Berry served as its honorary chair. The event, held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California, benefited the "Audrey Hepburn All Children in School Fund" to help UNICEF provide 120 million children in developing nations with access to quality basic education.

Founded in 1946, UNICEF helps save, protect and improve the lives of children in 158 countries through immunization, education, health care, nutrition, clean water and sanitation. UNICEF is non-partisan and its cooperation is free of discrimination. In everything it does, the most disadvantaged children and the countries in greatest need have priority. For more information about UNICEF or to make a donation, please visit or call 1-800-4UNICEF.
Thursday, October 30, 2003
House of D On the House of D Set
Extra was on the set of House of D in New York City and you can view the screen grabs and/or watch a video clip of the appearance. Thanks to Alfornos for letting folks know it was on!
Monday, October 13, 2003
Hollywood AD Outtakes
Click on the thumbnails below from some cute Hollywood AD set photos.
Hollywood AD Hollywood AD Hollywood AD
Give Voice to Animals
The Give Voice to Animals website has some new press kit photos posted. And don't forget to check the tour dates and locations to see if the Best Friend Forgotten premiere tour is coming to you! (The closest location for me is Detroit, MI, which is a 15 hour car ride. *cry*)
Saturday, October 11, 2003
More More More!
Yep, you guessed it! More HoD pics! There are several photos that are now high resolution and photos 088 through 102 and new. And check out some great photos that Yuri from found. Thank Yuri!
Wednesday, October 8, 2003
HoD Set Report/New Photos
Eddie, David and RobinAn extra on the HoD named Eddie set typed up a nice set report over at (mild spoiler warning) and also shared some photos! Thanks Eddie! You can also view a bunch of new HoD set photos here.
Monday, September 29, 2003
More HoD Set Photos!
More high resolution HoD set pictures have now been posted. Look for the "New" to see the newest additions. Check out for new photos as well. cj's newest additions are highlighted in blue. (Thanks goes to Alfornos and Titooy for help in finds all these great photos!!)
Friday, September 26, 2003
House of D Set Photos "House of D" Set Photos
UPDATED: I just added about 40 more HoD photos, and check out the wonderful photos at! Also, Chimerical has an awesome screen saver featuring these photo sets. (Is it obvious we've missed this man??)

David is currently hard at work in Brooklyn, NY filming his directorial debut "House of D" and you can view some photos from the set here.
Thursday, September 4, 2003
duchovny David's Father Dies
Amram Ducovny, 75, Late-Blossoming Novelist, Dies

Amram Ducovny, who realized his dream of becoming a novelist at age 73, died on Aug. 23 in Paris, the city he had moved to so he could concentrate on writing in his retirement. He was 75.

The cause was heart disease, said Mr. Ducovny's literary agent, Andrew Blauner.

Mr. Ducovny's novel, "Coney," was published in 2000 by Overlook Press and is set in the Coney Island of his youth in the 1930's. The novel "is as satisfying and exhilarating as a ride on the Cyclone," Dana Kennedy wrote in The New York Times Book Review, adding that Mr. Ducovny was able "to transport readers swiftly into the garish and seamy heart of Coney Island."

Though it was his first novel, "Coney" wasn't Mr. Ducovny's first book; he wrote nonfiction works, including "David Ben-Gurion in His Own Words" and several humor books. He was also the author of a play, "The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald," which had a brief Off Broadway run in 1967 and gave his 7-year-old son, David, now an actor, his first view of show business.

Amram Ducovny supported himself by working in public relations, first for the American Jewish Committee in New York, and until his retirement for the Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Boston.

He moved to Boston in 1977 to become director of public affairs for Brandeis University, and from 1978 to 1982 he was the vice president for public affairs at the university.

Mr. Ducovny grew up "a jazz fanatic" on a block between Neptune and Mermaid Avenues in Coney Island and graduated from New Utrecht High School, his daughter, Laurie Duchovny, said.

He received a B.A. from New York University.

Mr. Ducovny said he had dropped the "h" in his last name to escape the sort of mispronunciations he suffered at the hands of sergeants while serving in the Army.

His first marriage, to Margaret Duchovny, ended in divorce.

Survivors, along with his son David Duchovny of Los Angeles and his daughter, Laurie, of New York, include another son, Daniel Ducovny, also of Los Angeles; his wife, Varda Ducovny of Paris; a stepson, Jonathan Sahula of Boston; and two grandchildren.

David Duchvony duchovny Give Voice to Animals
The folks at the Give Voice to Animals website sent along a picture of David and Director/Producer Julie Lofton during a recording session for the voice-over in the film. He also sent Julie a nice email the other day, and Julie describes it here:

David wrote me an email the other day. What did it say? Well, first of all he mentioned that he is excited to go back on stage again at Carnagie hall for the Best Friend Forgotten premiere. Apparently, he studied some acting in the Carnagie hall building. When he mentioned that I wondered to myself.....

"Hmmmm, what exactly does David mean by "the building." Did he mean he performed on the main stage, in a classroom at Carnagie, or in a broom closet"? I'm gathering it's not the later.

But the best thing David told me was that he was proud of me. PROUD!? Huh!? I quickly looked up the word in my dictionary.

THE DEFINITION OF PROUD: looking magnificent and impressive, or behaving in an impressive way

Ut oh, I haven't been behaving impressively or for that matter looking all that magnificent. I wanted David's comment to be true, so I thought that the most impressive looking, were the ancient greek people. So.....that gave me an idea!!! After I got out of the shower this morning I decided to not get dressed and use my towel like a toga.

MORAL: It is not so magnificent and impressive when you run across the street in a towel and it falls off. Ho-hum!

In Summation: I guess I will have to figure another way out to prove that David's is right to feel pride for me.

And Lastly: This story was kinda stupid. Forgive me.

duchovny House of D Casting Call
9/6 from 2:30-3:30PM and 4-5PM at Irish Arts Center, 553 W. 51 St., NYC.

Kee Casting is seeking the following non-SAG background types for the upcoming movie "The House of D," written and directed by David Duchovny. The film is set in 1973. Pay is $75 per day. Seeking -- boys and girls, 13-16 years old, boys must have long hair or Afros, girls, long hair preferred; men with long hair, Afros, mustaches, beards, long sideburns, no goatees. Bring pix & resumes and/or current snapshot. Do not attend this call if you do not fit the above descriptions. The call will be held on Sat. Sept. 6 from 2:30-3:30PM for boys and girls and 4-5PM for men at the Irish Arts Center, 553 W. 51 St., between 10th and 11th aves., NYC. Space is wheelchair accessible. NON-UNION PERFORMERS. (First posted 9/5)

Thanks Alfornos!

Connie & Carla Photos
The Spyglass Entertainment site for Connie and Carla has posted 2 new photos from the film. You can view them, along with some older photos, at the Connie and Carla section. Thanks Alfornos and Deej!

Tea Comments on David's Emmy Nomination
Here is a short Real Media clip (533k) of David talking about Téa's reaction to his Emmy nomination to Extra. Still no word if David will attend the September 13 Creative Emmy Awards Ceremony. Thanks for the heads-up Alfornos!
Tuesday, August 26, 2003Jeremy and Carrie
Nice, Big Jeremy/Carrie Pic
Courtesy of the official HBO site, here is a nice photo of Jeremy and Carrie.

More SatC Screen Caps has some more screen caps from Boy, Interrupted posted and here is a site run by Joe that has some great quality caps as well.

Give Voice to Animals
There is a new outtake posted at the Give Voice to Animals site of David reading his lines for the voice over. And remember: the Best Friend Forgotten DVD is still accepting pre-orders.

Resist or Serve
You can view a trailer to the new X-Files X-Box game "Resist or Serve" (to be released November 25th.) File is 8.1 Mb. zipped windows media and is courtesy of
Monday, August 25, 2003
Sex and the City Sex and the City
You can watch videos clips or view screen captures of David's stint on Sex and the City. My video files are Real Media, but cj has Windows Media up at if you prefer those. It was a wonderful episode!
Thursday, August 21, 2003
David on E! News Live
David made a brief appearance on E! News Live yesterday to promote SatC. cj has a clip up at (E! News Live repeats at noon Eastern today on E!) David is also scheduled to appear on Extra today. Extra is syndicated, so check your local listings. (Thanks Alfornos!)

Sex and the City Promotion?
It is a pretty good bet that David will pop up on other entertainment shows today, tomorrow and/or this weekend to promote his appearance on SatC. I am leaving for a weekend at the lake, so for all the latest, visit the News Alerts folder. And be sure to check and Chimerical for clips, photos and goodies. And ENJOY the show Sunday!
Monday, August 18, 2003
Sex and the City Preview Trailer
They aired the promo for David's episode of Sex and the City, "Boy Interrupted," on HBO last night and cj has a copy of it up at the beautifully redesigned Thanks cj!! She also has a scan from the new issue of US Magazine that includes a short interview with David:

Agent Mulder, meet Carrie Bradshaw. After eight seasons as The X-Files' resident alien chaser, David Duchovny, 43, snares Sarah Jessica Parker on the August 24 episode of HBO's Sex and the City (Sundays at 9PM). The New York native, who lives in Los Angeles with his wife, actress Téa Leoni, 37, and two kids (Madeline West, 4, and Kyd Miller, 1), shows US his sex appeal.

Let's talk about sex...
I play a high school boyfriend who comes back into Carrie's life. We rekindle, but I'm harboring a secret that complicates everything. I keep lots of clothes on!

What? No love scene!?
No, but they were shooting a love scene with Kim Catrell while I was there. I didn't get jealous of that guy. Those scenes are embarrassing - especially as you get older, if you know what I'm saying.

Were you surprised at your Emmy nomination for playing a TV weatherman on Life with Bonnie?
I'm tickled! I modeled him after a weather guy with crazy hair in LA. I used tons of hairspray to get my hair high. One good rain and that sucker falls.

Do you and Téa plan to work together?
I'm directing a movie I wrote called House of D, about a woman's detention center. My wife and I are both in it - she'll show me up.

Any fun summer plans?
Téa's family has a house on Cape Cod, so we went there. But there was no TV! I told Téa that if we got bored I'd reenact scenes from The X-Files.

Set Your VCR's
Sex and the City, HBO, Sunday, August 24, 9PM Eastern
Saturday, August 9, 2003 Letterman 2003
The Late Show with David Letterman
Hopefully everyone caught this. It was so nice to see David again! You can watch a video clip and/or view some screen captures of David's appearance on Letterman.

Give Voice to Animals
The Best Friend Forgotten program that David narrated for PBS is now available for pre-order from the official Give Voice to Animals Website. The DVD and VHS will ship late fall. Remember, proceeds go to Give Voice to Animals, which seeks to enlighten the general public on animal related causes.
Season 8 on DVD Friday, August 8, 2003
Happy Belated Birthday to David!
I was busy moving the site to a new server yesterday so I forgot to update a birthday greeting. Happy 43 to David!

VCR Alert!
David is scheduled to be on The Late Show with David Letterman tonight on CBS. Check your local listing and good luck! Thanks Pam and Cathy!

New Pre-Orders
For David fans in the US the 8th X-Files Season DVD's are now available for pre-order from for a April 11, 2004 street date. Use coupon code 79365s3ia1xUy1M to save $5. For fans in the UK, the 7th X-Files Season DVD's are now available for pre-order from for a release date of September 22, 2003.
Emmy/SATC Talk Saturday July 19, 2003
More Emmy/Sex and the City Talk
David was on Extra yesterday talking about his new role in Sex and the City and his Emmy nomination. You can view some screen grabs and/or watch a video clip. Video clip is a Real Media file, 1Mb. cj has a copy of the clip in Windows Media format at
Thursday July 17, 2003
David on E! News Live
David was on E! News Live today with a short comment on his Emmy nomination. Watch the 16 second real media clip and see a few screen grabs below.

Life With Bonnie
For those of you that missed David's Emmy nominated performance on Life With Bonnie you can view screen grabs of David's first episode "Weather or Not" and/or watch a video clip. You can also view screen grabs for David's second episode "Partly Sunny" and/or watch a video clip. Good stuff! The Emmy nomination was well deserved.

Congratulations David!!!!

Congratulations to David for his 2003 Emmy Nomination for his guest performance in Life with Bonnie!!!
Tuesday, June 17, 2003
New Photos Lots and Lots of Photos
The DVD Screen Grabs Archive has been updated with 6 more episodes from season 7, including one of my personal favorites, Closure. *sniff* There are also 4 pages of new photo additions here at DN. None of the photos are recent, but there are a lot there that we haven't seen before. They've been gathering dust on my harddrive and it's about time I put them up!

Life with Bonnie Re-run
"Johnny Volcano -- Weather or Not" - Morning at the Molloy house finds Bonnie and Mark getting the kids ready for school, or at least trying to: a distracted Samantha is engrossed in the back of the cereal box and Charlie can't find his gym shorts. Meanwhile, due to a last minute cancellation on "Morning Chicago," the station's local weatherman, Johnny Volcano (David Duchovny) -- who is very eager to promote a film he has written, directed and starred in - has been booked, on "Life with Bonnie," TUESDAY, JULY 1 (8:30-9:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network.

By the way, The 55th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards nominations will be announced on July 17, 2003. Coincidence? Let's hope not!!

Thanks Alfornos!
Garry and David Thursday May 15, 2003
X/F Season 7 DVD Deleted Scenes and Extras
I added a bunch of screen caps from the X-Files Season 7 DVDs to the Screen Grabs Archive. Part of the extras have an interview with David on the set of Hollywood AD. You can watch clips of David with Garry on the set and Téa on the set. Screen caps include some deleted scenes as well.

New Screen Captures Season 7 Episodes
Lots and lots of season 7 captures have been added to the Screen Grabs Archive, courtesy of the ever diligent Marie Eve! Just added: The Sixth Extinction, Amor Fati, Hungry, Millennium and Rush.
Thursday February 27, 2003
Season 6 DVD Screen Caps
Field Trip More season 6 captures, courtesy of Marie Eve! Terms of Endearment, Field Trip and Biogenesis. Thanks to Marie, season 6 is now complete! Just in time, season 7 is available for pre-order from at 40% off. Use the coupon code 79365s3ia1xUy1M to save $5.

Charity Auction Items
The Official Gillian Anderson Website is auctioning off some goodies for charity, including a hard-to-find "I Want to Believe" poster signed by Gillian AND David. Have a look!
Tuesday February 18, 2003Full Frontal Captures
Full Frontal DVD Captures
Still captures from the Full Frontal DVD are now ready! Enjoy!
Friday January 31, 2003
Alive and Well!
Great news! David is alive and well and attending fabulous Hollywood parties! Last night David attended a party to celebrate the publication of The Ticket Out a novel by Helen Knode. The party was thrown by Mr. James Elroy (author of My Dark Places). Hummm... This shirt sure looks familiar...

David Duchovny David Duchovny
X-Files Season 7 on DVD
The Season 7 DVD will be released May 13th, 2003. Check out more details at DVD File and You can pre-order the DVD at Thanks Megan!!
Wednesday January 15, 2003
New Season 6 DVD Captures! Season 6 DVD Screen Caps
More season 6 captures, courtesy of the ever diligent Marie Eve! Alpha, Arcadia, Trevor, Milagro, The UnNatural and Three of a Kind. Thank you SO MUCH Marie!

No New is Good News?
*sigh* Not a lot going on with our dear David right now, but, as always, keep checking for all the latest. I promise to update if I hear anything!
Congrats Bonnie!!Thursday December 19, 2002
A big congratulations to Bonnie Hunt for her Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress in a Comedy Series!! Well deserved!!

Thank You David Wrap-Up
From Mon:The money's been sent, an acknowledgment from Grace Church School has been received, and the guestbook entries etc have been sent to David's manager.

If you'd like to read the wrap-up, go here.
Thanks Mon!!
Premiere Magazine Monday December 2, 2002
Women in Hollywood Luncheon
There is a new photo of David with Carrie Fisher in the January issue of Premiere Magazine. Here is a scan and I have added it to the Women in Hollywood Premiere Luncheon page.
Monday December 2, 2002
Partly Sunny Screen Captures Life With Bonnie Photos
I am officially on my new computer and now have screen captures from Partly Sunny posted. (I am in awe that I can have a brand-spanking-new plenty-powerful PC and Bill Gates can still manage to screw it up... Why didn't I get a Mac!!!!)

Full Frontal DVD Release Date
Full Frontal will be released on DVD on February 11, 2003. You can pre-order from for $22.49 or for $20.49. (Here is a $5 off $50 coupon for if you have other DVDs you'd like to purchase: 79365s3ia1xUy1M.) Thanks Yuri! Another pre-order item for UK Philes is X/F The Truth DVD which is £12.79 and will be released January 27, 2003.

2002 Advent Calendar
Steph and some good folks over at have put together a 2002 Advent Calendar to help Philes get into the holiday spirit. Head on over for a look at all the goodies! And be sure to sign the guestbook!

More DVD Caps from Marie-Eve
Marie has been busy again making DVD captures from the Season 6 DVD's and has finished Monday and Agua Mala. Head over to the DVD Screen Grabs Archive for a look. Thanks Marie Eve!
New Screen Captures Sunday November 24, 2002
There are more season 6 captures at the DVD Archive, courtesy of the wonderful Marie Eve! HTGSC, S.R. 819, Tithonus, The Rain King, Two Fathers and One Son.
Wednesday November 20, 2002 Life with Bonnie
Life With Bonnie: Partly Sunny
There are clips posted from last nights episode of Life with Bonnie "Partly Sunny." I also caught David on Extra talking about the episode. Once again, Johnny was hysterical!!

Season 6 DVD Captures
I am still unable to capture stills from DVD on my old computer and my poor new computer is built and ready to be used, but the Long Shoreman's strike is apparently holding up the shipping. But thanks to the absolutely wonderful Marie Eve of X-Files: The Search Continues we have 5 episodes from Season 6 captured!! Dreamland Captures Check out the Season 6 page to find excellent quality DVD grabs for The Beginning, Drive, Triangle, Dreamland I and Dreamland II. Marie Eve, I can't thank you enough for your generous donation!!

Up-To-The-Minute News
Because of a bug in the mailing script, I am asking those folks who would like to continue to receive email updates from the News page to sign up again. There were over 4000 on the list and the script was getting bogged down. Just enter your email below. Thanks!!
Monday November 18, 2002Partly Sunny
Heeeeeeeeere's Johnny!
I caught a promo for David's new Life With Bonnie stint during Alias last night. Zipped Real Media file, 500k. Don't forget to watch tomorrow night at 9/8 Central on ABC!
Wednesday November 6, 2002
X-Files Bloopers
Fox aired a blooper show last night that included some X-Files/David footage! Megan from has clips! Thanks Megs!!
Tuesday October 29, 2002
DVD Screen Captures
I have four more season 5 episodes captured for the X/F DVD Screen Grabs Archive: Mind's Eye, Folie a Deux, Unusual Suspects and All Souls.

As luck would have it, my internal DVD player died a sad and angry death tonight. I literally burned that puppy out! Fortunately, my husband and I saw this coming and ordered a new computer last week. We are having it built and don't expect it to arrive until mid-November. So, this is all I can do until then. I still have five episodes of season 5 to capture and the season 6 DVD's should be here any day now. Please check back in a week or so for an update!
Thursday October 24, 2002
Season 6 DVD's are Shipping!
The Complete 6th Season of The X-Files are now shipping from for $85.99. Use coupon code 79365s3ia1xUy1M when checking out for $5 off!
Thursday October 17, 2002Premiere Magazine Luncheon
Premiere Magazine Luncheon
David attended the 9th Annual Premiere Magazine "Women In Hollywood" Luncheon yesterday and you can view some new photos of him here. More photos added 10/19/02

Behind-the-Scenes X-Files Photos
Head over to photographer Jonathan Steven's Website for some new behind-the-scenes on the X-Files set photos of David and the rest of the cast.
Thursday October 10, 2002
2003 Calendar Another 2003 Calendar
There is another David Duchovny 2003 Calendar available! Here are screen shots of the front and the back and you can order it from The version that has already been featured here is from Here are screen shots of the front and the back of that version.

Triathlon TV Coverage
From Sculdergirl at According to the TV Guide site, the Nautica Malibu Triathlon is coming on FOX Sports Net on (Sunday) October 13 at 5:30pm Eastern for 30 minutes. Check your local listings! Thanks Sculdergirl!

"Thank You David" Surprise
Bast Black, one of the talented designers responsible for both Thank You David ads that ran in the Hollywood Reporter, was given a wonderful surprise from a friend and David himself. Head over to Chimerical and check out her October 2 update for complete details and scans. (Speaking of Chimerical, it was Cathy's birthday yesterday! Some folks at started a Happy Birthday thread for her if you would like to wish her well. :)

Prevent Blindness America Prevent Blindness Magazine
Courtesy of Rhetta: I was checking the Prevent Blindness America site and the newsletter with DD's interview is now available to download as a pdf. There's also a way to get a free issue sent to ya. Don't know if they'll send the DD one but I figure it's worth a shot. Thanks Rhetta! There is also a transcript of the interview here.

Two on Two News
Courtesy of Alfornos: An inside source at TNN tells me that the network is no longer involved with this project. It could still happen because DD could shop it to another network or TNN could pick it up down the road, but it's not in TNN's plans for the immediate future. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

The X-Files on Sci-Fi & TNT
Courtesy of After several years in syndication on FX, The X-Files can now be found on the Sci-Fi channel & TNT. The Sci-Fi channel has a new The X-Files website that includes several great wallpapers for your computer.

A Note From Gertie
I've had a few emails expressing concern about the lack of updates recently. I appreciate that concern! I will continue to update this site when there is news about David and his appearances and projects, but there just isn't a whole lot going on right now and my daughter started pre-school this fall and life has never been busier for me. I will be capturing the rest of the Season 5 DVD's for the DVD Grabs Archive before Season 6 is released on November 5. (Here is a photo of the new boxed set.) Thanks for the notes and keep checking back for David goodies!
Life with Bonnie Wednesday September 25, 2002
Life with Bonnie
If you enjoyed David's stint on Life with Bonnie last night a tenth as much as I did, you had a pretty great evening. You can watch video clips and view screen captures of David's Emmy worthy performance.
Life w/ Bonnie Saturday September 21, 2002
Life w/ Bonnie Photos
deej from Apartment 42 has hit paydirt AGAIN! She has up some absolutely hysterical photos of David as Johnny Volcano from the "Weather or Not" episode of Life w/ Bonnie. (Which is airing THIS Tuesday!) Head over to Apartment 42 to see them! Thanks deej!
Thursday September 19, 2002
More Triathlon Goodies
Some lucky ladies attended the triathlon last week and have donated some goodies! Deej from Apartment 42 created a video clip of David during the competition. You can view it at her site. Thanks Deej!!! Cass donated some excellent photos (including a gigantic pic of David drinking from that water bottle <g>) that you can see here. Thanks Cass! Cathy from Chimerical also attended and has some wonderful photos posted at her site. Thanks Cathy! Yuri from and Sagitta from did a fantastic job of editing some new photos and they are posted at the 2002 Triathlon page. Thanks ladies! David's finishing time for the event was 1:53:28. Complete results can be found at the Official Nautica Triathlon page. Thanks Sara! The event will be broadcast on Fox Sports Net on October 12. Check your local listings for times and availability. Thanks Alfornos! The Malibu Times has a short article on their site about the event. When asked how he trained for the event, David replied, "I had two dates for breakfast." <g>

Wow. How cool are David's fans? A million thanks again to those above for sharing your experiences.

Life w/ Bonnie
I hope everyone watched the premiere of Life w/ Bonnie on Tuesday! It was hysterical. I have one more screen shot of Johnny Volcano from Access Hollywood Weekend. David's episode airs Tuesday, October 2 on ABC.

VCR Alert
For those of you who don't subscribe to the Up-To-The-Minute-News announcements, David will be on Access Hollywood today. Check your local listings.
Monday September 16, 2002Triathlon Photos
2002 Nautica Malibu Triathlon
David did indeed attend yesterdays 18th Annual Malibu Nautica Triathlon to benefit The Elisabeth Glaser Pediatric Foundation. You can view some photos here. Be sure to try and catch the entertainment shows like Entertainment Tonight and E! as they may have coverage also. Go David!!! The official Nautica Malibu Triathlon Website should have the race results posted later today.
Sunday September 15, 2002
2002 Triathlon
According to cj from Gillian and David: The Archives, David will be attending today's Nautica Triathlon to benefit The Elisabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. The event will be televised in October so I will keep you all updated. Go David!!

Past Triathlons
Just in time to gear up for the newest Triathlon, Pam sent in copies of her 2001 Malibu Triathlon photos! Thanks so much Pam! Also, here are more 2001 photos and some 1999 photos. You can also watch a 2001 video clip and/or a 1999 video clip.
Saturday September 7, 2002
Goodnight Moon Goodnight Moon
Photos and a video clip are now posted of David reading Goodnight Moon to audience members of Last Call w/ Carson Daly. Have a fantastic weekend all!
Wednesday September 4, 2002
David and Danny Fame in the Family
Fame in the Family aired in the UK yesterday and cal has posted video clip links and there is also a transcript (painstakingly typed out by Mairéad) here at Thanks cal and Mairéad! (Here is a copy of an older interview with the brothers for those of you who might have missed it: Relative Values, 9-30-01)

Season 5 DVD's in the UK
The X-Files Season 5 DVD's are now available for pre-order from for £67.49. They will be released on October 14.
Sunday September 1, 2002
Bonnie Preview There was a short interview with Bonnie Hunt on the set of her new TV show Life with Bonnie on Access Hollywood yesterday and you can watch the Real Media video clip (629k) and/or view the screen captures. David is obviously in Johnny Volcano mode with that awesome poofy hair. <g>
Tuesday August 27, 2002
Life With Bonnie
Bonnie Hunt was on Extra last night and said that David will be guest starring on her new ABC series Life with Bonnie in the third episode of the season playing weatherman Johnny Volcano. Life with Bonnie premieres Tuesday September 17, so expect David's episode to air October 2.

Last Call w/ Carson Daly
Look for David on Last Call w/ Carson Daly Friday September 6 reading Goodnight Moon.

Kill Switch Captures Kill Switch Captures
Screen captures from Kill Switch are now posted at the DVD Screen Grabs Archive.

Prevent Blindness America
David sat down for a Q&A with Prevent Blindness America to talk about his eye injury during a game of pick-up basketball. You can read the article here and visit for more information. Thanks to Robin and Rhetta for the links!

2003 Duchovny Calendar
Yes, I realize that it is only August, but the 2003 David Duchovny Calendar is already available for purchase. Here are screen shots of the front and the back and you can order it
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