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X-Files Multimedia: Quick Reference

All David Duchovny Multimedia

Gillian Anderson

The 2001 Golden Globe Awards
2000 AIDS Walk in SF, CA
2000 Blockbuster Video Awards
The Rosie O'Donnell Show, Dec. 2001
The Electronic Press Kit for Triangle
The Electronic Press Kit for All Things
On the set of Redux
Presenting an award at the 1995 Emmys.
Presenting an award at the 1998 Golden Globe Awards.
The "Laugh Bloopers."
Presenting an award at the 1997 Emmy's.
At the '97 Globes. (Winning the award)
Gillian's acceptance speech at the '97 Globes.

The X-Files

Demons outtake: Phone call
Demons outtake: Check you out
Demons outtake: Nightmare
Demons outtake: Let's Go
Demons outtake: Climax
Chris Carter discusses the importance of Mulder and Scully having no personal lives.
Season one blooper reel shown on Jay Leno.


The un-scripted, un-aired kiss from Memento Mori.
The Triangle promotional trailer not shown in the United States.
The opening teaser for The X-Files CDROM.
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