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David on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in 1995. This was David's first appearance on the show and he brought along some X-Files bloopers to share with the audience. Real Media file, 7.8 Mb. You can also view the screen captures and/or read the transcript. Video Clip
E!'s coverage of the 2001 Malibu Natica Triathlon with an interview with David. Real Media file, (884k) Windows Media Video, (811k) and Quicktime Video, (1.7 Mb.). You can also view the screen captures. Video Clip
The television show "Special Effects" on The Discovery Channel (in the UK) aired a behind the scenes look of The UnNatural, David's directorial debut. Janet copied the video as a Real Media file, 11.2 Mb. Thank you Janet! Video Clip
David attended the premiere of Bandits on October 5, 2001 with fellow actor Peter Berg. This clip has the very short snippets of E!'s and Access Hollywood's coverage in one file. Real Media file, 766k and Quicktime file, 904k. You can also view the photos. Video Clip
David and Jane Seymour present the awards for Best Actress and Best Actor in a Comedy Series at the 1995 Golden Globe Awards. Real Media file, 4.4 Mb. And here is a clip of Dennis Franz messing up David's name as he lists the Best Actor in a Drama Series nominees. (Yep, I left George Clooney in. <g>) Real Media file, 552k. Video Clip
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