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David makes a cameo in the Ben Stiller movie Zoolander and Entertainment Tonight had a "ET First" segment on their show 7-27-28. Your can watch the clip as a Real Media file, 512k. You can also view the screen captures. Clips and captures courtesy of video clip
Entertainment Tonight sits down to give David and Q & A session during David's promotion of Playing God in 1997. Note the answer to the "Will Mulder and Scully ever get together?" question. <g> Real Media file, 1.2 Mb. and Windows Media Video, 1.5 Mb. Video Clip
A scene from the 1991 movie Denial. This clip is a snippet of a movie made by one of the characters. The character David plays is "John". Real Media file, 879k and Windows Media Video, 1 Mb. You can also view the screen captures. Denial is available from in VHS format for $9.98. Video Clip
David is interviewed on Access Hollywood after his 1996 Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a drama series. Real Media file, 636k and Windows Video 412k. You can also watch David's acceptance speech. Video Clip
David and Gillian Anderson on the set of The X-Files (Paper Hearts) for a television show called "Dreams Can Come True." David and Gillian meet a fan and his mom. Pretty done adorable, if you can get through the sappy music! <g> Real Media file, 3.5 Mb and Windows Media Video, 2.3 Mb. You can also view the photos. Video Clip
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