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DuchovnyNet is a fan run website and is not affiliated with Mr. Duchovny in any way. "The X-Files" TM and © (or copyright) Fox and its related entities.

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Minnie Driver on the Movie Chart Show talking about David. Includes some filming of Return to Me. Clip courtesy of Janet. Low bandwidth Real Media. Movie Chart
This scene from Jake's Story is Jake (David) going to a dinner party and meeting his lover's husband for the first time. Jake's Story is one of the stories from The Red Shoe Diaries: Auto Erotica. Low bandwidth WMV, 607k and low bandwidth Real Media. You can also view the screen captures. Jake's Story
David and Minnie Driver on Hollywood One on One. Can you smell the fear? (Great interview! My favorite of the joint DD and MD RTM interviews.) Low bandwidth Real Media file. Hollywood One on One
David being interviewed by Jeffery Lyons in New York during promotion of Return to Me. Low bandwidth Real Media file. Jeffery Lyons
Jake (David) and Tom (Billy Wirth) play basketball in The Red Shoe Diaries: The Movie. Low bandwidth Real Media and Windows Media Video, 1.7 Mb. You can also view the photos. Red Shoe Diaries
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