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X-Files Multimedia: Page Two
Gillian on Entertainment Tonight at the 2000 AIDS Walk in San Francisco. Real Media file, 1.3 Mb. Video Clip
A short piece with Chris Carter discussing the importance of Mulder and Scully having NO personal lives. The photo to the left is an out-take from The Pilot. Quicktime Video clip courtesy of E! Online. (1.8 Mb) video clip
On one of David Duchovny's earlier visits to The Tonight Show, he brought along this blooper reel for Jay Leno and the audience to see. Windows Media clip courtesy of Rohan's Realm. (1.2 Mb) video clip
Gillian presents the award for best supporting actor in an action movie at the 2000 Blockbuster Entertainment Awards. Real Media file, 3.1 Mb. video clip... click here
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