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David and Gillian Anderson present the award for outstanding supporting actress in a drama series at the 1995 Emmys. MPEG clip courtesy of Gillian & David: The Archives. (4.4 Mb) View the screen grabs. video clip
These are the only two commercials that aired on FX (except the one for Home) that feature an interview with David. For more of these FX commercials, go to the Official FX page. Interview One: (4 Mb) casting David as Mulder, and Interview Two: (4.1 Mb) All about Mulder. Zipped Quicktime Video clips courtesy of The Squirrels Nest. video clip
David speaks with the Japanese press about Mulder. (Note his raspy voice from too many interviews...) Windows Media clip courtesy of Gillian & David: The Archives. (4.3 Mb) video clip
Here is an interview from Greece (DD's speaking English and there are Greek subtitles) in three parts. Part One: (1.5 Mb) David talks about Mulder's journey and his relationship with Scully. Part Two: (1.3 Mb) David talks about Mulder getting depressed in the movie and Mulder's not wanting to continue. Part Three: (983k) DD talks about his future in acting (while he plays with his tie....) Real Media clips courtesy of Zaffy and The Squirrels Nest. video clip
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