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Please see David's IMDB posting for an updated listing of David's work.
Zoolander (2001) J.P. Prewitt "Hand Model"
Male supermodel Derek Zoolander is on his way down after three years of continuously winning the "Male Model of the Year" award. When he is beaten by the hot newcomer Hansel, Derek starts searching for a new meaning in his life. Just then fashion czar Mugatu offers Derek a comeback in his new "Derelicte"-line. What nobody suspected is that Mugatu plans to assassinate the new Malaysian Prime Minister on his visit to New York, so that cheap child labor is still available for Mugatu's fashion producing. By brainwashing Zoolander, Mugatu and his evil associate Katinka create a dumb and willing killer to do the job. Only in Time Magazine journalist Matilda suspicion arises slowly, and she tries to stop Derek.
Evolution (2001) Dr. Ira
Chaos breaks out when a meteor crashes on Earth, bearing one-celled organisms. The problem is that they begin evolving at a pace much faster than what happened on our world. Changes that took billions of years happen in one month. As the film starts, they're kept within the confines of a cave, but what's going to happen when they get out? [Four of the people investigating the cave are a community college professor (Duchovny), his geologist buddy (Jones), a "wannabe" fireman (Scott), and a government scientist (Moore).]
Return to Me (2000) Bob Ruelund
Bob Rueland, a Chicago building contractor, cherishes life with his veterinarian wife until she is tragically killed in an automobile accident. Meanwhile the family and friends of Grace Briggs, a waitress at a local Italian restaurant, are overjoyed when they learn that Grace will finally get a replacement heart (the heart of Bob's wife). Both Bob and Grace struggle to maintain normal lives after these traumatic events, until fate intervenes and brings them together.
Return to Me
The X-Files Movie (1998) as Special Agent Fox Mulder
First film of the hugely successful TV series 'The X-Files'. Agents Mulder and Scully are called in to investigate the bombing of a Dallas Government Building, only to be pulled into a conspiracy determined to stop them from uncovering the truth.
Playing God (1997) as Eugene Sands
Stripped of his medical license after performing an operation while high on amphetamines, famed L.A. surgeon Dr. Eugene Sands (David Duchovny) abandons his former life, only to find himself crossing paths with Raymond Blossom (Timothy Hutton), a ruthless criminal.
playing god
Kalifornia (1993) as Brian Kessler
Brian Kessler, a journalist researching serial killers, and his photographer girlfriend Carrie set out on a cross-country tour of the sites of the killings. Sharing the ride and their expenses are Early Grayce, a paroled white trash criminal, and his girlfriend Adele. As the trip progresses, Early begins to appear more and more unstable, and Brian and Carrie begin to fear that they may have a real-life serial killer in the back seat of their car.
Chaplin (1992) as Rollie Totheroh
The biography of Charlie Chaplin, filmmaker extraordinaire. From his formitive years in England to his highest successes in America, Charlie's life, work, and loves are followed. While his screen characters were extremely hilarious, the man behind "The Little Tramp" was constantly haunted by a sense of loss.
Venice/Venice (1992) as Dylan
In this satire of the film world's hypocrisy, a renegade director (Jaglom) is surprised to hear that his latest opus has been selected as the official U.S. entry at the Venice Film Festival, where a French journalist gets carried away in the self-absorbed madness. Shot half in Venice, Italy, and half in Venice, California.
The Rapture (1991) as Randy
A promiscuous switchboard operator seeks meaning and salvation by becoming a "Born Again" Christian. Yet as an apparent apocalypse approaches and God demands an Abraham-like sacrifice, she faces a cruel dilemma: choosing Heaven or Earth means losing one or the other.
Julia Has Two Lovers (1991) as Daniel
A woman is faced with a dilemma - marry her reliable, but boring live-in lover of several years or take a chance and find out more about the wrong number caller she spent the day talking to.
New Year's Day (1989) as Billy
A man returns to his sublet apartment to find the previous tenants, three offbeat young women, still in residence, under the mistaken belief that they have the apartment until the end of New Year's Day.
new years day
Beethoven (1992) as Brad
Ruby (1992) as Officer Tippit
Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead (1991) as Bruce
Denial (1991) as John, aka Loon
Bad Influence (1990) as a club goer
Working Girl (1988) as Tess's birthday party friend

Television Appearances

The X-Files (1993 to 2000) as Special Agent Fox Mulder
Fox Mulder is a believer in the paranormal. He has been assigned to the X-Files unit which investigates FBI cases for which standard investigatory techniques don't seem to work. Dana Scully, a medical doctor and FBI agent is a skeptic. Together they travel to FBI cases where something odd has happened.
Dr. Katz as himself (voice role) June 1998
Stand-up comedian Jonathan Katz voices Professional Therapist Dr. Jonathan Katz. A divorced father, he has custody of his 23-year-old slacker son Ben (H. Jon Benjamin), who dreams of wealth and freedom but is too lazy to find a real job. Dr. Katz's receptionist is the acerbic Laura (Laura Silverman).
Saturday Night Live as the host
David was the host of Saturday Night Live in May 1995 and May 1998.
The Larry Sanders Show as himself
David was in three episodes of this HBO comedy. "Flip" May 31, 1998, "Everybody Loves Larry" December 14, 1996 and "The Bump" August 9, 1995
Space Above & Beyond (April 1996) as Handsome Alvin
David plays a "Silicate Pool Shark" programmed to do impersonations and play pool in the episode "R&R" (Quote: 'Do you know who Clint Eastwood is? ... Do ya?')
Jeopardy contestent
Celebrity panelist week of November 6, 1995 - Lost to Stephen King "What is Tiffany's"
Red Shoe Diaries (1992 - present) recurring role as Jake
After the death of his beloved fiancee, Jake reads her diary and finds out that she was having an affair with a young construction worker.
Twin Peaks as DEA Agent Dennis/Denise
David was in three episodes of this series in 1990 and 1991. Episodes 18-21, I think. He played a transvestite DEA agent.
twin peaks
"The Simpsons" as Special Agent Fox Mulder (voice role) in "The Springfield Files" January 12, 1997
"Duckman" as Richard (Beatrice's first husband) in "The Girls of Route Canal" 1996
"Frasier" as Tom (guest caller) in "Frasier Loves Roz" 1996
"Reboot" as Fax Modem in "Trust No One"
Baby Snatcher (1992) as David

TV Commercials

Mondeo (1997)
A driver driving down a road has a premonition that something will happen so he screeches to a halt right before a tree falls down in front of the car. The driver gets out of the car and is revealed to be David... This commercial is for the European car, "Mondeo."
Sprint Ion (1999) Voice-over
Australian "Coca Cola"(1999)
"Labatt Ice" (1995)
Löwenbräu Beer (1987)
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