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DuchovnyNet is a fan run website and is not affiliated with Mr. Duchovny in any way. "The X-Files" TM and © (or copyright) Fox and its related entities.

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Hello and welcome to DuchovnyNet! My name is Gertie and I will be your host for the next ? months/years. A little about me... I am a happily married 30 year old mother of four. One human child named Ellie and three canine children named Fred, Gertie, and Nikki. My favorite hobby is Website creation and I currently host several different sites. They include Gertie's 'Shipper Friendly X-Files, X-Files Multimedia: Video Clips, (many clips from that archive are available here) The X-Store, The Keanu Reeves Galleria, and Pointman's Police Page. (My favorite actress, who just so happens to be Ms. Téa Leoni, will be the subject of my next big Website project. Look for that later in 2000, when her new movie The Family Man starts to receive press.) So... Where do I find the time for all these sites? Well, actually, I have been online and creating pages since 1997, so many of these pages were created quite awhile ago. Updating is a bitch sometimes, but the rewards of feedback have always been worth the effort. A hobby is just a hobby, so when my love of Website creation wears thin, I will formally retire. But I hope that is still a long way off...

O.K., enough about me! The Duchovny Archive (recently renamed "DuchovnyNet") was the brain child of an X-Phile named dc, creator and maintainer of The Squirrels Nest. In September of 1999, after two and a half years of maintaining this archive, she decided to close it down. She has graciously allowed me to continue the work she began. The eternal flame is burning for her at my computer desk as we speak. No one did David like her, and I hope I can do her work justice.

I hosted The Duchovny Archive on my SimpleNet account for four months before giving David his, much deserved, own Domain. I set up an online store in October of 1999, with the hope that it would generate enough money in referral fees to start a Duchovny Domain. Well, the store, and you, came through and here we are! The store made enough money to start up the site and pay for the first month. Any profits made at the DuchovnyNet Store will continue to pay for the monthly maintenance of this site, and any profits above and beyond that will be donated to The Pediatric Aids Foundation, David's favorite charity, in David's name. I'm not here to make money. I'm here the same as you. Because I love David's work and what he stands for. (Father, husband, intellectual, actor, human being.) And you fellow Philes, I hope you continue to stick around after May of 2000, because David is so much more than our beloved Agent Fox Mulder!

I live and work for feedback and would be eternally grateful to any help you could provide in maintaining and expanding this archive. All ideas, photo submissions and David news tips you can provide will be used and credit will be given. I'm glad you are here and hope you have fun!

Thanks for reading!

    ~~GertieBeth December 20, 1999

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