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DuchovnyNet is a fan run website and is not affiliated with Mr. Duchovny in any way. "The X-Files" TM and © (or copyright) Fox and its related entities.

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DuchovnyNet Business

There are so many exciting things going on behind the scenes here at DuchovnyNet that I decided to create this page to tell you about them.

June 2, 2000 Affiliation
I am pleased to announce that DuchovnyNet is now officially part of the Network! I can't tell you how happy I am about this. They are a fabulous company (I did my homework, believe you me) and I hope to make them proud.

A representative of contacted me several months ago and invited DuchovnyNet to their network. The rep. said they could provide me with unlimited webspace and bandwidth on their servers while helping to promote DuchovnyNet to the Internet public. I won't get into the specifics, but DuchovnyNet is in desperate need of a server upgrade. The site currently generates three times more traffic than it did in February (I think that is because of all the new fans who saw Return to Me.) and bandwidth is becoming a problem. I already pay 3 different web hosting companies for three different websites (it will actually be 4 pretty soon as my husband is in the process of registering his own domain.) and the cost is getting a little too much to handle. (Be wary of web hosting companies that tout "unlimited traffic" and "unlimited bandwidth." Read the fine print. I pay out the nose for media boosts and still have to have 75% of my multimedia stored at a free site.) Joining will solve this problem while allowing me to keep the domain. This will also allow me to upload all large multimedia presentations right on the site so viewers won't have to be transferred to a free site. The downside of all this great stuff is that I have to have a banner affixed on the top of every page at DuchovnyNet. (The banners at the bottom of the pages are exchanges with other affiliates.) I thought it over long and hard people, and I think it will be worth it. I hope you come to think so too.

FYI, don't expect me to shut up about I intend to incorporate them into my updates from time to time as I really do think they have a good thing going and am very proud of our affiliation.

Thanks for reading!

May 30, 2000
Spring Cleaning
DuchovnyNet has a lot of exciting things going on behind the scenes and I wanted to brace you all for the changes to come. First off, I will no longer be working on the site by myself. Too much work, I tell ya! My helper will be starting on June 6, two days before I leave for vacation. Also, we (it is WE now! I'll give you all the personal info. in the next few days.) will be moving to a larger server soon, but I'll let you know before that process begins. The domain will remain so the address will not change. Also, if you haven't surfed around the site in awhile, I have re-scanned a HUGE number of photos (all of them were already here, but needed a face lift. All new photos will be posted soon. Care packages make me SO HAPPY!!!) and re-grabbed a lot of dc's old multimedia files and produced them as Real Media. (One nice thing about moving to the larger server will be that all the large MM files will now be hosted at DN and not on the Spaceports server anymore.) Another thing you may have noticed is that I have been working on design issues. I'm still not 100% happy so I will be tweaking it even a little more, but don't be surprised to see design changes again. I'm so excited about all of this!!! I'll keep you updated at here at DuchovnyNet Business. It's spring cleaning for DuchovnyNet!!!
April 10, 2000
Donation: East Harlem School at Exodus House
As I stated in last week's update, I decided to donate the profits from the DuchovnyNet Store to The East Harlem School at Exodus House this time around instead of The Pediatric AIDS Foundation. The reason for this is not that I am dissatisfied with PEDAIDS or what they stand for, but rather for David's repetitive mention of EHSEH on several talk shows during David Duchovny Awareness Week 2000 promoting Return to Me. David will be appearing on the celebrity edition of Who Wants to be a Millionaire? in May and the charity he is playing for is EHSEH, an organization run by friends of his from high school. I encourage you to visit the EHSEH Website for more information about their charity, which is incredible. A donation of $169.95 was made to EHSEH, in David's name, on April 7, 2000, the opening day of Return to Me. (Actually, it didn't go into the mail until Saturday AM. I wanted to scan it in before I mailed it and we just got our scanner running again after the Big Crash...) Please feel free to view a scan of the donation letter here. Also, I scanned a copy of the PEDAIDS thank you letter for the last donation made by DuchovnyNet that you can view here. Thank you all for your continued support and for choosing The DuchonvyNet Store to make your online purchases!
February 25, 2000
Some Changes:
A couple things about me... First off, this is a FAN RUN website and is not official in anyway. Please DO NOT send e-mail with requests to forward messages. I have no way of doing that and the requests I get everyday are seriously clogging up my mailbox. Another thing, I feel I am spending too much time online as of late and am going to be making some personal changes in my "online life." I have unsubscribed from all of my David/Shipper/X-Files Lists and will no longer be visiting my favorite chat areas on a regular basis. Believe me, this is for the greater good of DuchovnyNet because I can concentrate more on the site! For those of you who know of my other websites, they are being sadly neglected and with the X-Files coming to an end, I'd like to work on them while I can. I appreciate your support in this and your understanding that my "real life" will always take precedence over online time. Spring has sprung here in Minnesota and I'd rather be outside playing with my little Ellie Button! BTW, if I may take the liberty to brag for just a moment, Ellie already has a 15 word vocabulary at 13 months old. She's got all of our puppies' names down as well as "Da" for Rob and "Mmmmmma" for me. She also says "Nana" and "ducks" all the time. (Which brings intense joy to my Mother!) She's a hoot I tell you!

February 5, 2000
Ped AIDS Donation:
The first Elizabeth Glazer Pediatric AIDS Foundation donation was made today!

January 24, 2000
Ped AIDS Donation:
The Duchovny Store at DuchovnyNet, along with The X-Store turned a profit during the month of December! That is good news indeed, because all profits will be donated to The Elizabeth Glazer Pediatric AIDS Foundation in David's name. I have everything ready to go for completing the first donation... Except the money! LOL! I am still waiting for my referral check from As soon as I receive that I plan on sending in the donation. I will keep you all posted. Thanks again to all who helped make The Stores such a big success! I hope the months to come will also see a profit!

The DuchovnyNet "Mirror":
My good friend Julie is currently hard at work completing a mirror site for DuchovnyNet. The new site will be called "The David Duchovny Conservatory" and will contain all of dc's archived material and all of the new things I have added during the last five months. Bandwidth will never be a problem again!

The Jens:
Jenny from Jenny's X-Files and I are going to start working together to bring more David Duchovny to the Internet! I am extremely excited about our upcoming projects which will include items that only Jenny "Deep Throat" Bo Benny can provide. Like me and cj, Jenny is a former WebTV owner/Webmistress who has recently crossed over into the computer world. Expect even bigger things to come from Jen as she gets the hang of HTML Editors and FTP programs.

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