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David's Revolution
June 14, 2001
Audio special: Duchovny on ...

X-FILES ex-star David Duchovny fronted the Australian media in Sydney today for the premiere of his latest sci-fi spoof flick Evolution.

Ever since Duchovny, 40, announced his retirement from the hit sci-fi TV show 'The X-Files', fans of the series have had Mulder withdrawals.

But his latest project "Evolution" has enough sci-fi elements to satisfy most Duchovny fans, while offering a perfect platform for his dry sense of humour.

It stars Duchovny as Ira, a small town Arizona college professor who gains access with his fellow teacher Harry (Orlando Jones) to a scientific society over the Internet. They're called out to the scene of a meteorite landing which triggers the start of an alien life-form.

Not far removed from his X-Files days!

Also starring are Orlando Jones, Julianne Moore and Sean William Scott.

Directed by Ivan Reitman, the film was intended to be a dramatic sci-fi thriller, but a few re-writes later Evolution evolved into a comedy sci-fi. Go figure?

Duchovny has a degree at Princeton University and also earned a graduate degree in English Literature at Yale University.

He quit uni in 1987 to pursue acting full time.

Since then, Duchovny has an impressive list of films under his belt to date, including Return To Me, Kalifornia, Chaplin and The X-Files among others.

We'll next see him in Zoolander, a film by Ben Stiller (Meet The Parents) starring Ben himself, his dad Jerry Stiller (Seinfeld), Milla Jovovich (The Fifth Element), SNL's Will Ferrell and a host of cameos including David Bowie, Andy Dick, Fabio and Lenny Kravitz.

He's married to TV's The Naked Truth star Tea Leoni (also starring in the movie 'The Family Man' with Nicolas Cage) and has a daughter Madelaine.

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