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Film 2000

David Duchovny and RTM
June 8, 2000
by Jonathan Ross

David Duchovny swaps aliens for cardiovascular surgery in his new movie "Return To Me". Jonathan Ross enticed him onto the Film 2000 couch.

Jonathan Ross: David, congratulations on the new movie, I liked it very much indeed because I wasn't sure if I would, it's a kind of pretty way out premise.

David Duchovny: Oh sure, not like "The X-Files" so believable like that(laughter)

Jonathan Ross: But it's a very different role for you, it's a very different role to Fox Mulder who you play and we love.

David Duchovny: Sure, sardonic.

Jonathan Ross: Yes, the sardonic Mulder, and this guy, he visibly cares, he mopes enormously early in the movie, which was a surprising thing to see you to do, not that I question your acting ability

David Duchovny: I think when you see the movie, the feelings that I had for my wife who dies have to be manifest, this guy's devastated by the loss of his wife, or else the rest of the comedy's not going to play... I just thought you had to base the movie on real emotions; so that was the thinking behind that scene.

Jonathan Ross: For the more uncomplicated audience members out there who might find some confusion at the nature of the movie, you find love again with the person who is the recipient of your dead wife's heart. Is the issue in the movie meant to be that you're drawn to her because of that or is that just a lucky happy coincidence?

David Duchovny:I think it's meant to be kind of metaphorical in a way. I think it's like the huge leap of faith that you make when you watch the film to believe that something like this could happen. Obviously it could happen and it probably won't in our lifetime but it could in most romantic comedies of the past you fall in love because you want to have sex, you fall in love after you have sex. I think this is more you fall in love because of someone's soul and it's not so much of the heart as a physical organ but what it means But what is cut out of the movie, and what he realises while they're harvesting the heart of my dead wife they also perform an ass transplant on Minnie as well, so I fall in love with the heart and the ass of my dead wife so we kind of bridge both worlds there!

Jonathan Ross:You've got something for both audiences there, you know the ladies that want the romance and the guys who want a fine set of cheeks.

David Duchovny: I don't think a lot of people are aware that an ass transplant is possible, it's really cutting edge technology here (laughter)

Jonathan Ross: Will you be doing what Bonnie [Hunt] has done and move into directing as well?

David Duchovny: I would like to write and direct, and one of the great things about going back to the show is I get to write and direct on "The X-Files" and our budgets are between 3 and 4 million dollars so it's like, I get this huge amount of money to make a little film and it's a great chance for me to kind of hold my skills as it were.

Jonathan Ross:I'm a huge fan of yours I love the movie very much indeed, I always look forward to your movies and I hope it does as well as it deserves, and you're not Scottish.

David Duchovny: I am too; my mother was raised north of Aberdeen!

Transcribed by Nat

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