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The Big Breakfast May 30, 2000

David is on the bed in the garishly decorated bedroom of the Big Breakfast house bed with Lisa Rogers, the female presenter. Celebrity guests are always interviewed there.

Lisa: I'm very excited about talking to my next guest. He's cool, calm, and extremely good at solving supernatural mysteries. He is, of course, David Duchovny. Welcome to The Big Breakfast. I'm delighted you've joined me on the bed.
David: That's not the first time I've gotten a round of applause in bed. But it is from a group of men. It's making me a little uncomfortable actually.

Lisa: Let's hope it's not the last. Your new movie is Return to Me and you star alongside Minnie Driver, who came in yesterday. So tell us a bit of information about the plot then.
{Caption pops up "David Duchovny: Joy of X"}
David: Yeah, sometimes they're concerned that you shouldn't give away the plot of this movie, but it's not so much a mystery of what happens, but more about watching how it happens. So it's a comedy in which my wife dies. And that's how funny.
Lisa: That's a good start. Always have them rolling in the aisles.

David: Joely Richardson plays my wife, another English woman, and she is hit by a car in the first ten minutes of the film. Isn't that funny?!

Lisa: Hilarious. I was in tears actually.
David: And then they take her heart out just to get funnier and Minnie Driver needs a transplant. Control yourself.

Lisa: -giggles- Holding my sides.
David: And then Minnie gets my dead wife's heart. Then I meet Minnie and fall in love with her for reasons that are apparent and not apparent. But aside from the setup being kinda tragic, it's a really hysterically funny film. It's not the mystery of not knowing what happens but actually watching it unfold that's the funny part.
Lisa: How are those English actresses to work with?

David: They're a nightmare.

Lisa: I can imagine. English women.. terrible. Much better to be Welsh. Let's have a look at the clip of Return to Me.
{They show a clip of David's character asking Minnie's character out.}

Lisa: Oh, it must be love. Now, is this going to get people grabbing for the Kleenex>
David: Well, I think at the beginning y'know there's big tears when Joely dies and there's a complication towards the end where Minnie and I aren't together for a little while. And I think that the interesting thing about the movie is that there's crying, there's laughing and it's all kinda interspersed throughout the film, and it's kinda odd. But there's a lot of snot in the audience.

Lisa: I did the whole snot thing big time. Of course your character in The X-Files, Mulder, is known for his lack of emotion.
David: Is that right? Well, that's what people are saying. I don't think that. I think he's a live wire.

Lisa: Maybe it's an American thing. So was it nice to have a character with a bit of emotion going on?
David: Well, I actually it's closer to me. Well I'm recumbant right now so it tends to kinda... excuse me -David snuggles into a pillow-

Lisa: Yeah, "So what did you do at work today Lis'?" "Oh, I was sleeping with David Duchovny".
David: What? Yeah.

Lisa: So, back to The X-Files for a moment. I gather you said you thought it was very silly and wouldn't last. Is that right?
David: Oh way back when? Yeah, I said there's not way this is gonna go more than 10 years.

Lisa: And boy oh boy you were right.
David: Mmm hmm.

Lisa: And what other film projects have you got int the pipeline?
David: The pipeline?

Lisa: What have you got coming up?
David: Nothing right now, I'm just, I'm going back for a few episodes, a limited engagement, on The X-Files next year and then hopefully I'll be able to do another movie and chose one that's interesting. Y'know, in between.

Lisa: So what was it like acting with an ape? Cos you act with an ape called Sidney, in the film.
David: His actual name is Kwon(sp?), he plays the character of Sidney. Don't confuse the person with the character.

Lisa: That's a dangerous thing to do.
David: Yeah, it's like people call me Mulder and I'm not. I'm Kwon.

Lisa: And don't forget it.
David: Kwonzo, Kwonzo is his name actually. Yeah, he was good. Do you have a dog? Do you have dogs?

Lisa: I've had a dog in the past.
David: They just look you in the eye and they're completely present. And they're fun to work with in that way.

Lisa: Your TV character, Mulder, is famous for saying "The Truth is Out There".
David: Less energetic with the cue-cards please.

Lisa: Oh, sorry, I'm being too energetic am I?
David: Nah, I'm just teasing.

Lisa: He's famous for saying "The Truth is Out There", well we would like to ask you a few questions in a game we've got called "The Truth is Out There or Dare".
{There's a little animated title and theme}
Lisa: Right, all you have to do is answer the question...
David: Or I get to take a dare? Oh, OK. -David snuggles into a pillow again-

Lisa: Well the first one - will you do ever another series of The X-Files? But you've already answered that.
David: Well, let me answer it, then if I don't want to answer another one... Uh, yes. I would.

Lisa: OK. So there's always been a lot of sexual tension between you and your The X-Files co-star, Gillian Anderson. Has anything ever happened between you?
David: So, I either tell you the truth, or the dare is....?

Lisa: I'm not going to tell you what the dare is.
David: OK, no. No, nothing's ever happened.

Lisa: Oh go on, go for a dare!
David: I will, but gimme another question. I will eventually go for a dare.

Lisa: OK, who's been your best on-screen kisser?
David: Dare.

Lisa: OK. Now, a little birdie told me that you can knit. So your dare is just to give us a little bit of a ...
David: No, no, I can't. I used to knit when I was a kid. But I don't remember. Really I can't. My grandmother, who was Scottish, taught me and I can't for the life of me remember anything. I think it's something like... I've got to get that there... and... somehow get this needle here... under there.

Lisa: Oh, in there, like that.
David: I'm going to poke your eye out in a second. It's dangerous here.

Lisa: My mother always said you could have an eye out.
David: But, my grandmother... I dunno if you've ever seen anyone who can *really* knit, she was like -moves needles really fast-

Lisa: Did she used to knit you jumpers and things?
David: Three sweaters in an hour she made.

Lisa: Woah, record-breaking knitting, your grandma.
David: It was like a deputy chef -moves needles again- y'know with the knives.

Lisa: Now you are going to have an eye out. Last year you appeared on the celebrity version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. What was the question that you backled on? Are you going to tell me the truth there or go for a dare?
David: Well, that's easy. I'll tell you the truth. It was about the movie Witness. What was the last line of a certain movie, and I didn't know. -throws wool-

Lisa: Did you phone a friend?
David: I did, I phoned my wife. But not for that, for a different question. But she didn't help me.

Lisa: She didn't?
David:She wanted to but she couldn't.

Lisa: It's been fantastic chatting to you on the bed. Thank you

David:David Duchovny!

Transcribed by Katherine
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