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The Article Archive 1998

1998 Interview Transcripts

dot DD on the set of Triangle
November 22, 1998 -- Entertainment Tonight - A short interview from the set of the third episode of season 6.
dot Fox News Interview
November 8, 1998 -- A short interview that was shown after the premiere episode. DD talks about the new baby.
dot David Duchovny on Hungarian TV
October 21, 1998 -- A Hungarian interview with DD. The interviewer is terrible, but asks a few interesting question (translated into English)
dot David Duchovny on French Entertainment Tonight
October 19, 1998 -- A short French interview with DD about the XF movie opening in France. (translated into English)
dot David Duchovny in "Projection Privée"
October 18, 1998 -- A short French interview with DD about the XF movie opening in France. (translated into English)
dot 'Vivement Dimanche'
October 11, 1998 -- A French interview with DD about the XF movie opening in France. (translated into English)
dot "Come back and see me in 10 years"
October 1998 -- A longer French interview with DD about the XF movie opening in France. (translated into English)
dot 1998 Emmy Awards
September, 1998 -- Gary Shandling and DD presenting an award
dot "Movie Update"
August 26, 1998 -- BBC Radio 1 interview for the XF Movie
dot Steve Wright Interview
August 15, 1998 -- A UK radio interview for the XF Movie opening in the UK
dot Interview mit David Duchovny
July 30, 1998 -- From a German website, an interview from when DD was promoting the XF movie over there.
dot Dr. Katz
29 June 1998 -- Animated show on Comedy Central
dot Today Show Weekend
21 June 1998 -- This interview is about 7 minutes long. Transcript and the entire real audio of the interview.
dot Charlie Rose Interview (PBS)
18 June 1998 -- This interview is about 25 minutes long and includes images as well as the entire real audio of the interview
dot TV Guide Online
17 June 1998 -- Listen up with David Duchovny
dot Today Show
NBC's Today Show, 17 June 1998
dot David Letterman
Late Show with David Letterman, 16 June 1998
dot Access Hollywood Entertainment Show
Access Hollywood, 16 June 1998
dot DD on Howard Stern
16 June 1998 --Howard Stern Radio Show (audio and transcript)
dot "William Shatner's Heir Apparent, or America's Newest Leading Man?"
E! Online Q & A, 11 June 1998
dot The Prisoner
TNT Roughcut Q & A, 11 June 1998
dot The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
11 June 1998
dot The Naked Truth About David Duchovny
Entertainment Tonight, 9 June 1998 - X-Files movie spoilers as well as DD's thought's on his new house and his butt.
dot The Rosie O'Donnell Show
6 May 1998
dot Entertainment Tonight
22 April 1998 - DD talks about the upcoming movie, his wife
dot Entertainment Tonight
13 February 1998 - DD talks about XF winning the Golden Globe, his new house, having kids, the movie, and more.

1998 Print Articles

dot What's a Big Star like you doing in a Flop like this?
December 11, 1998 -- Scottish Daily Record - DD talks about Playing God and his baby.
dot Playboy Interview: David Duchovny
December 1998 -- A really, really long interview that does have some profanity and some people may find it offensive (others may just find it very funny and refreshingly honest!)
dot X-Files the Film Comes Out This Week
November 1998 -- French Elle - DD is asked questions on various topics.
dot The truth is out here -- in sunny L.A.
November 1998 -- An interview of DD on the set of XF where he talks about moving back to LA and the changes that entailed.
dot The X-ceptional David Duchovny
November 1998 -- Cable Guide - DD talks about XF and married life.
dot Duchovny X-Rayed
November, 1998 -- French interview translated into English
dot All the truth and nothing but the truth
October 1998 -- French Ciné Live - DD talks about XF and the XF movie
dot Mr. X
October 1998 -- German GQ Magazine - DD talks about everthing from sex to
dot Mulder and Scully confess all
October 30, 1998 -- French interview with David and Gillian translated into English
dot Fox Mulder Goes Hollywood
December 1998 -- Sci Fi Entertainment - David talks about how he feels about XF, a relationship between M&S, and his relationship with Gillian.
dot Why I'll Never be X-Tremely Happy
October 1998 -- TV Times (UK) David talks about his alopecia and why he can never be truly happy. He also talks about the baby.
dot French Official Fan Club Interview
October 1998 -- French interview translated into English
dot Playing with the Truth
October 1998 -- From the French Téléstar Magazine (translated into English)
dot Three Questions for David Duchovny
October 1998 -- Really short three questions/answers from Cinescape Online
dot Prince of Paranoia
October 1998 -- SciFi TV magazine
dot The End....And Beyond
September 1998 -- TV Zone magazine
dot On Another Planet
September 1998 -- Elle Magazine (UK) - An excellent article
dot Dilemma for Mulder
September 1998 -- Neon Magazine (UK)
dot The Unstoppable X Machine
September 1998 -- Empire Magazine (UK)
dot Fox on the run
August 21, 1998 -- Daily Record (UK)
dot Tales of the unexpected fame
August 17, 1998 -- London Times (UK)
dot The Not-So-Secret Files on David Duchovny
August 8, 1998 -- The Philippine Star - DD talking about the "kiss," and the move to LA.
dot Duchovny Xplains it all
August 1998 -- Radio Times (UK)
dot 1998 UK Sunday Times
August 9, 1998 -- UK Sunday Times. Article promoting the movie in the UK. How DD chipped his teeth and lots of other great info!
dot 1998 The Daily Telegraph
August 4, 1998 -- The Daily Telegraph. Article promoting the movie in the UK. DD talks about his master's thesis, his wife, his rumored "sex addiction" and his parents.
dot Great Xpectations
August, 1998 -- London's TimeOut Magazine. Article promoting the movie in the UK. (contains some profanity)
dot It's be so easy to jump into bed...
July 1998 -- Focus Magazine (UK)
dot Agent provocative
July 31, 1998 -- This article contains profanity and is not for the faint at heart.
Past and Future
July 1998 -- XPose Special #4
dot X-treme Chemistry
People Magazine, July 15, 1998 - An article about David and Téa's relationship
dot An Actor and a Poet
Movieline Magazine, July 1998
dot David Duchovny: X Marks The Star
Biography Magazine, June 1998
dot Scully and Mulder's X-cellent Adventure
Details Magazine, June 1998 - The Duchovny parts of the article.
dot David Duchovny's X Factor
Vanity Fair Magazine, June 1998
dot Man In the Shadows
Starlog Magazine, May 1998 David talks about why he's staying on the X-Files and what he thinks of Mulder.
dot David In Love
US Magazine, March 1998

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