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The Article Archive 1997

1997 Interview Transcripts

dot Entertainment Tonight
Fall 1997 - Playing God
dot DD on Vicki Gabereau Show
Vicki Gabereau Show (Canada), 23 October 1997 - This show is a Canadian talk-show. DD talked about the brouhaha over his wanting to leave Vancouver (among other things).
dot DD on Kevin and Bean
Kevin and Bean Radio Show, 16 October 1997 - Download the full interview or some wav sounds from this interview or read the transcript.
dot E! Online Chat
E! Online, 16 October 1997 - DD Chats with his fans (he even answered my question!!--it's the question from Squirrel3)
dot Listen up with David Duchovny
16 October 1997 - DD answers 10 questions. You can hear the whole interview on audio.
dot TV Guide Online BBS Questions
TV Guide Online, 15 October 1997 - DD answers questions that fans posted on the TV Guide BBS board.
dot DD on Howard Stern
Howard Stern Radio Show, 15 October 1997 - 41 minute interview with Howard Stern (audio and transcripts)
dot DD on Conan O'Brien
Late Night with Conan O' Brien, 14 October 1997 - DD promoting Playing God and they do a skit about the Vancouver controversy.
dot DD on Rosie O'Donnell
The Rosie O'Donnell Show, 14 October 1997 - DD promoting Playing God; they talk about his wife, when Rosie and David first met and the Rosie O'Donnell Doll
dot David Duchovny is playing God and playing House
CNN, 14 October 1997 - DD talks about Playing God and wanting the show to move to LA
dot DD on David Letterman
Late Show, 13 October 1997 - DD promoting Playing God and talks about his wife and a letter from a fan.
dot Today Show Interview
The Today Show, 13 October 1997 - DD talks with Katie Couric about Playing God and his Jeopardy loss. You can read the transcript or view the actual video from this interview on this MSNBC website!
dot DD on Tonight Show
The Tonight Show, 3 October 1997 - DD promoting Playing God and describes his first meeting with his wife.
dot Golden Globe Speech
David Duchovny's speech, spring 1997
dot DD explains the ring, smoking...
Z95 Radio, spring 1997 - David explains the ring in "Travelers"

1997 Print Articles

dotMy Life in the Movies
Empire Magazine, Winter 1997 - David talks about his movie milestones.
dot Trust In God
X-Pose #17, December 1997 - This is a really long article with DD's thoughts on Playing God, doctors and drugs, the XF movie, winning an emmy, the price of fame, family, Téa Leoni, the press and how he started acting.
dot Duchovny explores dark side
Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Fall 1997 - DD talks about his PG promotional tour.
dot David Duchovny, Top to Bottom
Cinemania, 31 October 1997 - DD talks with Cinemania about Tea, The X-Files, and Playing God.
dot A Man and His 'X'
LA Times, 26 October 1997 - DD talks about his marriage, his relationship with GA, Playing God, and The X-Files. It's a rather lengthy article.
dot David Duchovny balances pros, cons of fame
Orange County Register, 19 October 1997 - DD talks about how the press is affecting his life and why he chose The X-Files and Playing God. There is also a really interesting section at the end with little known facts about Duchovny--really cute!
dot The truth about David Duchovny
USA Today, 16 October 1997 - Duchovny talks about Playing God, The X-Files movie and his wife
dot X-Man
Mr. Showbiz 15 October 1997 - David talks about Playing God, The X-Files movie and his wife
dot Duke of Prunes
The Chicago Tribune 12 October 1997 - Duchovny on fame, marriage, his future with The X-Files and his theme song
dot Closing The X-Files
The Sun late September, 1997 - DD's thoughts on XF and his wife (some great quotes from him!)
dot Here's The Mac's Files
Daily Record, September 1997 - DD talks about kilts, his wife, and his Scottish heritage
dot David Duchovny on the XF movie set
HSX August 19, 1997
dot I Want to Believe
Cult Times August 1997
dot Lord of the Files
Details magazine June 1997
dot X-treme NBA Fan
Hoop Magazine article by David Duchovny June 1997
dot X-Files Duchovny and Anderson
US magazine May 1997
dot Altared State
People magazine article on DD's marriage May 19, 1997
dot Before The X-Files
Princeton Alumni Weekly May 7, 1997
dot The Fox Files
Playgirl April 1997
dot David Duchovny
Cosmopolitan April 1997
dot Darkman
GQ January 1997

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