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The Article Archive 2001

2001 Interview Transcripts

dot The Late Late Show w/ Craig Kilborn
June - Transcript.
dot Melbourne Herald Sun
June - Q & A with David Duchovny.
dot Conan O'Brien Transcript
June - Evolution Tour.
dot Kevin and Bean
June - Radio Show Transcript.
dot The Daily Show
June - Transcript.
dot The Rosie O'Donnell Show
June - Transcript.
dot Australia/New Zealand Chat
June - Yahoo! Transcript.
dot Today Show
June - Transcript.
dot Triple M Breakfast Show
June - Australian TV.
dot Hot 30 Chat
June 15 - Live Chat.
dot Aussie Press Conference
June - Sound Clips.
dot A Current Affair
June - Austrailian TV Show.
dot E! Online
June - Q & A with David Duchovny.
dot MSN Live Chat
June - David and Ivan Reitman in a live chat about Evolution.
dot The Tonight Show
May - Transcript.
dot CBS News
March - on the set of Evolution.

2001 Print Articles

dot Evolution Press Reviews
dot Evoltion Fan Reviews
dot Starlog 2001
August - The End of Mulder.
dot Canadian TV Guide
July - Sci-Fi's First Family.
dot Evolution Cast Cracks Up
June - Interview with
dot Fight the Past
June - X-Files goes "bye-bye".
dot American Way
June - David Duchovny in Vancouver.
June - Article by FeatsPress.
dot Seventeen Magazine
June - Interview with David.
dot Australian Herald Sun
June 15 - Duchovny back on alien territory.
dot Philippine Daily Inquirer
June - Ivan Reitman's Theory of Evolution.
dot Mr. Showbiz
June - The former X-Files star takes a step back to move forward with Evolution.
dot Reuters
June - Actor Duchovny Still Hangs with Aliens.
dot Associated Press
June - Duchovny Tries Comedy in 'Evolution'.
dot Toronto Sun
June - David Duchovny's adaptable.
dot New York Daily News
June - David Duchovny's adaptable.
dot My San Antonio
June - Duchovny flees 'X-Files' success.
dot Edmonton Journal
June - Forever chasing aliens.
dot LA Times
June - Alien Notions.
dot Dark Horizons
June - Duchovny Returns to Alien Territory.
dot E! Online
June - Duchovny Swears Off "X-Files".
dot Films in Review
June - Positive Review of Evolution.
dot Evolution Review
June - Positive Review of Evolution.
dot Matinee Magazine
June - Negative Review of Evolution.
dot No Cameos for DD in Season 9
June - reports on The X-Files and DD.
dot Starlog Magazine
June - Theories of Evolution.
dot New York Times
May - Theory of Evolution.
dot TV & Satellite Week
May - Laughing his FOX Off.
dot Los Angeles Times
May - Sneak peek of Evolution.
dot Newsday
May - Evolution preview.
dot Daily Targum
April - Evolution in the Making.
dot An Early Look at "Evolution"
April - Positive Review of Evolution.
dot Movieline Magazine
April - Summer "wild cards" including Evolution.
dot Sci-Fi Magazine
April - Sneak peak of Evolution.
April - Evolution and February sweeps interview.
dot University of Memphis
April - David Duchovny Discusses his "Evolution"
dot Zap2It
April - Talking About an 'Evolution,' Yeah Y'Know
dot Premiere Magazine
April - on the set of Evolution.
dot Aint-It-Cool-News
March - Positive Review of Evolution.
dot Dark Horizons
March - Positive Review of Evolution.
dot Dark Horizons
March - Negative Review of Evolution.
dotDuchovny Wants to Evolve
March - Commenting on Evolution and season 8 of The X-Files to EON Magazine.
dotLA Times
Feb. - The Truth Be Told about season 8 of The X-Files.
dot Calendar Live
February - The X-Files: Some fans clearly no longer are enjoying the act.
dotDuchovny Evolves
Jan. - Article on David's new role in Evolution.
1998 A very early review of Evolution.
dotEON Magazine BTS
Jan. goes behind the scenes of Evolution.
Jan. Kevin Smith meets David...

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