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1997 Golden Globe Acceptance Speech

Yeah David!!

"Oh. Everything Gillian said except gender-flipped. Um, I was here about seven years ago, I wasn't nominated, I wasn't even working. I was a guest of my manager Melanie Green, who in turn was a guest of Michele Pfeifer and David Kelley. And I never dreamed that I'd be up here six or seven years later holding one of these things. And the oddest thing about that memory was that we had better seats on that night. I want to thank Chris Carter who is a friend, a mentor, a mensch. Who, who has written the best show on television. Everybody in Vancouver that works so hard, works their asses off. Or as they say up there, their arses. Gillian Anderson, the best co-star anybody could have. All the writers. My beautiful bookends, Melanie Sha- Melanie Green and Lisa Shapiro, Perry Reeves for making the first 2 and a half years bearable, and um, happy birthday Mom, tomorrow."

View the video clip here or view more screen grabs here. (610 kb)

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