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David Duchovny weighs in on the next season of ‘Californication’ and beyond

At a press conference in Los Angeles for his new independent film, The Joneses, David Duchovny just couldn’t duck Californication questions from pesky television reporters who wanted to know just where Hank Moody could go next season, as well as how long Duchovny would consider keeping the character alive.

“Last year was a descent. We went as far down as we could and still keep it a comedy,” Duchovny shared with a chuckle in his voice. “And we’re not trying to make this a drama, so this year will be about rising up.” It would pretty much have to, we guess!

The actor, who currently lives in New York with his family, only comes out here to Los Angeles only periodically to shoot. “It’s not the X-Files ten month long shoot,” Duchovny explained. “It’s almost like a vacation!” Therefore, he enjoys shooting Californication more than some of the other projects in his past.

That being said, then, just how long does Duchovny think– or want the show to keep going? After all, the show that truly put him on the map– the aforementioned X-Files– lasted for nearly a decade. “It will get canceled before I get tired of it,” he smiled into the sea of reporters.

But realistically? He thinks the show, which has completed three seasons can easily go to six or seven, keeping Hank Moody– and Duchovny himself– in our homes for years to come.

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