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Archive for June, 2008

Three Questions for David Duchovny

In true Hollywood fashion, David Duchovny and the cast of Showtime’s Californication, gathered at a private residence in Hancock Park last night to celebrate the DVD release of the show’s first season (in stores June 17). We got a few minutes on the red carpet with Duchovny to find out more about the show, his character and more. What is it like playing someone like Hank Moody who is falling apart in Hollywood?
David Duchovny:
I think he’s in a tradition of blocked artists. I think what keeps Hank going in the show is that he kind of loves the chaos…Personally I don’t love chaos, I like things to kind of be ordered and I thought this guy thrives on chaos so that was kind of a key.

HW: As an executive producer, what does it mean to provide a great work environment on set?
It just means running the set the way I would want to walk on as an actor. When you are doing material that is sometimes sexual in nature where it is very easy to be uncomfortable in it especially if you are a woman coming to the set and have to do a love scene or something like that. It is very easy for that to be an unforgiving difficult place to be. So it is my job to make sure we are all here to act. Nobody’s here to look at bodies or make jokes and things like that.

HW: With so many boundaries pushed in the show is that a difficult line to walk?
As a human being it is not hard, because you know basically what you want to do is to treat everybody with gentleness and kindness and respect. That doesn’t change in every situation and then in terms of the boundaries we are pushing, we are always kind of pushing it to be funny in terms of the sex so we are never trying to be sexy. I think that would feel kind of creepy if we were up there trying to be sexy.

David on Co-Star Gillian Anderson

The X-Files series closed shop back in 2002, but don’t expect the new movie I Want to Believe, to pick up where the show left off. “We don’t act like the six years didn’t happen,” confirms David Duchovny, who adds playfully, “which is great for me physically.”

It turns out the actor, who portrays smoldering Special Agent Fox Mulder in the franchise, never wanted to give up the character he played for nine seasons and in the 1998 film by the same name.

“I did have this hope that I would be able to play Mulder until I died in a way, until we died at the same time” the 47-year-old tells “By that I just mean that we got older and I didn’t have to adjust the guy and keep playing him as young as I was when I first started playing him, which was 15 years ago. So for me it is very fulfilling to at least do it in this incarnation, and whether or not I get to do it again I don’t know, but we don’t try to keep it the same.”

As for his costar Gillian Anderson, “she’s 15 years older too,” he jests.

On a more serious note, Duchovny says he kept in touch with his onscreen FBI partner via email after the TV show wrapped and she moved to England.

“We have this very weird close bond,” he explains. “When you work that much with somebody and go through the kind of insane life changes that we both went through at the same time – only having each other as standards. We’ll always have some kind of bond.”

The new film, due in theaters July 25, re-teams agents Mulder and Dana Scully (Anderson) for a thrill ride reminiscent of the “monster-of-the-week” episodes from the show’s earliest seasons.

Duchovny/Leoni Moving to New York

David Duchovny and wife actress Téa Leoni are moving to New York. They’ve listed their 6,578-square-foot Malibu ocean-view home for $12 million and expect to be settled back East before their children return to school in the fall.

Leoni has been itching to move back East for some time now, and the Malibu fires — their home was not damaged but was in the mandatory evacuation zone — tipped the scales for her, sources say. The two-story house being sold has two swimming pools — one a regulation lap pool. There are five bedrooms, four bathrooms and a separate gym. The 5 1/2 -acre property includes membership in the La Costa Beach Club. There is a two-room guesthouse over a three-car garage. The house was built in 1996.

The property sits two doors from one bought earlier this year by country singer Kenny Chesney. He paid $7.4 million and then put the house back on the market at $7.95 million about six weeks later. It remains unsold.

Another Copy of the X/F 2 Trailer

New X-Files II Trailer

New trailer with Chinese subtitles from FoxMovies Hong Kong.

On the Californication Set

Entertainment Tonight was on the set of Californication and you can watch a clip and/or view photos below:

David Duchovny David Duchovny David Duchovny David Duchovny

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