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Dinner with David

A Letter From Nick Lea:

Hi Everyone!

Myself and some other friends have a very close compadre that is
suffering through a life threatening bout of cancer. She was
diagnosed with breast cancer 2 years ago and it has now spread to her
liver. Our friend Babz Chula is a widely unique and wonderful person.
She is a highly respected and talented actor. She has a heart the
size of Texas.

She has chosen a particular course of treatment that is not covered
by our medical system in Canada and we, her community, have gathered
in an attempt to help her through a very scary part of her life. To
this end we have organized a number of fund raising events to help
cover the cost of this very expensive undertaking.

Beginning on April 2nd 2008 people will be able to bid online for
dinners with some of their fan faves from in front and behind the
camera. David Duchovny and I will be available for dinner with the
person who wins the bid. Chris Chris Carter is also up for grabs.
I’ve put up some of my favorite articles of clothing from the X
Files, etc. There is a complete list of actors available for dinner
bids as well as other great memorabilia.

This is something that we are behind passionately. Babz is a close
friend. She needs our help now. I ask you as a favor to not only take
a good look at the website but to also consider a manageable donation
or if the spirit moves you to bid on a dinner with David D. and I and
others. It should be fun.

Thank you so much for ALL your support. Thank you for your kindness.
Please spread the word as far and wide as you can. Babz is a stranger
to you all but believe me when I tell you that this is a worthy
cause. You can find out all you need to know at

Thank you. Lots of love. See you at dinner.


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