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David’s Reaction to the Golden Globe Awards

“I kinda didn’t want to watch, it would just make me tense or nervous, so I went out to see a movie at four (o’clock) and I knew I wouldn’t be home until it was announced. I knew if my phone was ringing when I walked into my hotel room that I would have won. And it was. Nobody calls a loser.” – David Duchovny on how he learned he had won the Golden Globe for best actor in a TV series, musical or comedy, for “Californication.”
David Duchovny, TV actor/comedy for Showtime’s Californication, said he went to a movie instead of watching the news conference. “It would give me a stomachache. I’m sitting in a dark hotel room now with a glass of wine by myself. It’s great for the show. I’m very happy.” Who would he have thanked? “The creator of the show. I was really looking forward to thanking my kids (Madelaine, 8, and Kyd, 5) since I haven’t won anything since they understood the English language. It would be nice to go on TV and thank them.”
“It’s wonderful to be able to accept an
award while taking a bath,” said David Duchovny, who won comedy actor
for Showtime’s “Californication.” “I hope it’s not the last time I get
to do that.”

Duchovny said he didn’t miss the awards-show hoopla.

doesn’t matter to me at all,” he said. “For me, the sadness of this is
not the cancellation of an awards showbut it’s endemic of the strike in
general. There is a work stoppage going on. People are getting laid
off, people are losing houses — this is all what it’s all about. It’s
not about somebody like me who’s really lucky, getting up there saying
how lucky they are.”

Source: Associated Press

David was also interviewed by The TV Guide Channel after the announcement. Click here to listen.

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