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David Directing an Episode of Bones

Bones David directed an episode of the Fox TV series Bones that will air in 2 weeks on Wednesday, December 13 called Judas on a Pole:

Booth and Brennan learn that a dead FBI agent was working on a case of corrupt members of a bank robbery task force that decided to frame civil rights activity Bobby Page in the 70s. They ask that the agent’s remains be recovered from his grave as they believe the Bobby Page case was manufactured. Is Booth ready to deal with the consequences of him investigating the death of a former FBI agent? Russ, Brennan’s brother, introduced to her and Booth Father Toby Coulter (played by Ryan O’Neil). The latter claims he has been given a message for her by her father: “Back off.” Zack has to defend a dissertation he wrote in front of a judgmental professor and his colleague. You can download the zipped MPEG trailer here. (30 Mb.)

I actually watch this show on a regular basis and enjoy it very much. If you’d like to play catch-up in the next 2 weeks, you can download episodes for free from Fox’s My Space. There’s even a Mulder and Scully reference in the pilot!

Some nice Bones sites:

At this point I have no idea if David will do any promoting for this episode, so if you have any news, please write me at and I will post it here.

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