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Archive for August, 2006

Trust the Man Interview

I have uploaded a video clip of David talking to Entertianment Tonight about Trust the Man. It is available in the Video Clips section.

David Duchovny confirms new “X-Files” movie

Boston Herald Photo

Showing a lightly comic touch as Julianne Moore? ? !” s unfaithful husband in the upcoming ? ? S Trust the Man,? ? ? David Duchovny is going back to the dark side for a new ? ? S X-Files? ? ? movie.

Before the cameras roll (presumably next year), Duchovny said, ? ? S There are some issues apparently that have to be resolved, but they? ? !” re not creative. I think that they? ? !” re financial.? ? ?

A new ? ? S X-Files? ? ? film will come as a relief to cynics who never expected Duchovny and Gillian Anderson to work together once the aliens-everywhere series ended in 2002. (The only previous ? ? S X-Files? ? ? movie was in 1998.) Their relationship had evolved into a tense stand-off where they spoke to each other only before the cameras.

Asked about the casting for the feature, who beyond he and Anderson would return, Duchovny said, ? ? S I would think that Mitch [Pileggi] who plays Skinner would probably be there. If it wasn? ? !” t conspiracy-based, alien-based, then I don? ? !” t think that you? ? !” d have the villains, the Smoking Man and all of that.? ? ?


Positive ‘Trust the Man’ Reviews

“It’s a sheer pleasure to watch David Duchovny as a desperate househusband in the romantic comedy TRUST THE MAN. With flawless timing and a sly smile, the former X-Filer steals the show – impressive, considering he shares the screen with Julianne Moore, Billy Crudup, and Maggie Gyllenhaal.”


The reviews are starting to come in and they are good! Trust the Man is currently enjoying a 100% FRESH rating at

Love ‘n’ Duchovny

The actor warms to movie romance for his friend, director Bart Freundlich

Actor David Duchovny’s new movie, “Trust the Man,” opening Friday, revolves around friendship, so it’s appropriate that he and writer-director Bart Freundlich were practically set up on a sort-of “date” years ago by mutual pals who said they would get along.

“Our first date was actually playing basketball at Collegiate School,” jokes Freundlich about Duchovny, when the two are interviewed separately. “We went back and played with David’s old high school coach against the team at Collegiate [the Upper West Side prep school Duchovny attended]. David and I went and we brought a couple of friends. We were huffing and puffing after a while. I think we won. We used our smarts.”


Duchovny’s still X-rated

David Duchovny’s withered smile tells you he’d rather be abducted by aliens than answer questions about The X-Files.

Not that it stops anyone — certainly not the roundtable of journalists he’s facing this day — from asking.

Or, to Duchovny’s credit, from gamely updating X-philes on the long-gestating sequel to the 1998 film based on the phenomenally popular paranormal TV drama. (more…)

David on Leno

A video clip of David’s appearance on The Tonight Show is now available in the Video Clips section.

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