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Duchovny’s still X-rated

David Duchovny’s withered smile tells you he’d rather be abducted by aliens than answer questions about The X-Files.

Not that it stops anyone — certainly not the roundtable of journalists he’s facing this day — from asking.

Or, to Duchovny’s credit, from gamely updating X-philes on the long-gestating sequel to the 1998 film based on the phenomenally popular paranormal TV drama.

Yes, says Duchovny, he still intends to reunite with Gillian Anderson and creator and executive producer Chris Carter for another movie.

He just doesn’t know when.

“I’m still very much in touch with Chris. Gillian and I are positive about it. It’s not like we’re running from it,” the 46-year-old actor says, blaming the delay on legal issues at 20th Century Fox, the studio that controls the franchise.

“I have not seen a script, but there’s an idea.”

Duchovny, of course, won’t elaborate on what that idea may be, but it’s believed the sequel would serve as a stand-alone movie and not touch upon the serpentine mythology that eventually became too convoluted for even fans to follow.

Of his E.T.-chasing alter-ego, FBI special agent Fox Mulder, Duchovny says the film would return him to his roots.

“I think if we had some kind of serialization for his character in the second one — after three or four years (of the show being off the air) — you have to re-establish his character and establish who this guy is for people who haven’t seen it.”

So while he — and X-philes — patiently wait to see what truth will eventually be out there, Duchovny seems content to direct his energies on smaller films, eschewing Hollywood blockbusterdom for projects such as The House of D, which he wrote and directed last year.

In the coming months, he has a trio of films set for release — The TV Set (about the making of a network pilot, co-starring Sigourney Weaver), the thriller The Secret and, opening in September, Trust The Man, a Woody Allen-esque romantic comedy co-starring Julianne Moore, Billy Crudup and Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Duchovny, addressing interview questions with the dry, laconic humour that served him so well as Mulder, says he’s long stopped making calculated career moves.

“I just have this instinctual kind of thing — a gut reaction. I gave up on having any conscious control of what I’m trying to accomplish or any kind of career or any kind of path. I realized the more I know, the less know. (I’ll do a movie) if it feels like a challenge or it feels like fun.”

One thing that may not feel like fun? Acting opposite his wife, Tea Leoni, who he married in 1997. The couple have two children, a daughter Madelaine, 7, and a son, Kyd Miller, 4.

“She has said, and I’ll say what she says because it makes sense to me, ‘I never want to look at you and know you’re lying,’ so she’s putting the relationship in front of this weird situation.”


Nor does Duchovny draw parallels between his marriage and the marriage of his character in Trust The Man, an advertising executive-turned-house husband married to Moore’s New York actress whose extramarital affair leads him to join a self-help group for sex addicts.

“If I discuss any role with my wife, it’s how she’d approach building the character or if I’m having trouble unlocking this particular aspect (of a character). It’s never like, ‘Oh, isn’t this like me and isn’t this like you?)’ ”

Next for Duchovny is another domestic role.

In Things We Lost In The Fire, a dark drama being shot in Vancouver, he’s married to Halle Berry.

After that, he may return to do more work behind the camera.

“I’ve written a couple of scripts — one I want to act in and not direct and the other one I want to direct and not act in, and one I just want to do craft services on.”

But, of course, even then people wouldn’t let him get too far from Fox Mulder.

While discussing his role in Trust The Man — specifically a scene in which his oversexed character tries to entice his wife into watching a porno — he is reminded by one journalist Mulder had similar tastes in home entertainment.

“Mulder had a porn thing — I’d forgotten about that. I’m going to fail a test of my own work.”

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