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Archive for August, 2006

David on Regis

David will be a guest on Live with Regis and Kelly on Wednesday, September 6. Check local listings for time and channel.

David on Conan

David will be a guest on Late Night with Conan O’Brien Thursday, Sept. 7: David Duchovny, Greg Behrendt, Ben Harper

Thanks Alfornos!

Duchovny Files his TV past


One wonders if an agent calling up an actor has ever said, ? ? S The good news is that you have a job on a TV series and the network expects it to run for years. The bad news is that after it? ? !” s over you will probably never work again.? ? ? David Duchovny is still working, but in a hotel room in New York he admits that at the end of The X-Files in 2002 he began to think about making funny movies so he could move as far as possible from his character in that series, Fox Mulder.

? ? S I wanted to do comedies only because comedy seemed to be antithetical to The X-Files. First I thought, ? ? ? I will make people forget that,? ? !” but then I thought, ? ? ? How could they forget that? It was a decade. You don? ? !” t forget a decade.? ? !” I can? ? !” t think of anything bigger in terms of television. People talk about Star Trek, but it was only on for three years and then created as nostalgia on reruns. At some point I realized that it is what it is, and it is probably unlikely that I will ever do anything as big as that, because I don? ? !” t think that there can be anything as culturally pervasive as the show or that character. Certainly not a movie character, because this was part of the culture. There is nothing that I can think of that would approach that kind of magnitude. So at some point I started choosing things because I liked them or they challenged me.? ? ?


Oh, David!

David Duchovny mulls over why he likes waking up with a woman: “My favorite moment is staying in bed and watching her walk naked to the bathroom,” he says. “I mean my wife!”

Of course, he’s talking about Tea Leoni, and together they are one of Hollywood’s sexiest couples. Just being away from Leoni for a few days to talk about his new film “Trust the Man” in New York City gives Duchovny a serious case of homesickness.


David on Extra

I’ve uploaded another interview clip of David and his Trust the Man castmates from Extra. You can download it here in the Video Clips section.

David Duchovny: ‘Trust’ worthy

NEW YORK – David Duchovny is best known for starring in the classic ’90s TV series “The X-Files.” But he also enjoys a reputation as someone who is not afraid to be off-color on-screen.

Indeed, his risque appearances on “Sex and the City” and especially “The Larry Sanders Show” (where he played himself as a comic, primping sexual predator) raised some eyebrows. He notes that he gets those roles because “I can play them. Other actors are uncomfortable playing that kind of truth.”

Still, he acknowledges that the sexy scenes he shares with co-star Julianne Moore in the new film “Trust the Man” were a little awkward – not least because they were written and directed by Moore’s husband, Bart Freundlich.


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